Canadian Front-Line Service Workers Will No Longer Say “Father” or “Mother” – They Will Say Parent

Not really sure what is so offensive about the terms father and mother. Does it offend people without fathers and mothers, or people who can’t be fathers and mothers?

That would make the word “leg” offensive to people without legs, no?

I have no idea why the word “brain” isn’t offensive to leftists, because they don’t have any.


Service Canada employees who interact with the public are being asked to stay away from terms like Mr., Mrs., father and mother, and to use gender-neutral terms in their place, CBC News has learned.

According to documents obtained by Radio Canada, the French-language arm of CBC, front-line staff must now “use gender-neutral language or gender-inclusive language.”

“This avoids portraying a perceived bias toward a particular sex or gender,” says a copy of speaking notes prepared for managers and team leaders.

“It is important that Service Canada, as an organization, reflects Canada’s diverse population and ensures that the views and interests of Canadians are taken into account when we develop policies, programs, services and initiatives,” says the directive.

The new guidelines also rule out using terms such as mother and father because they are “gender specific” and say the neutral word “parent” should be used instead.

The same goes for honorifics such as Mr., Mrs., and Ms., and in both languages. Instead, employees are being directed to address customers by their full names or ask them what they want to be called.


Trudope doing his part to kill individuality by paring mother and father down to simply “parent.”

“Beware the savage jaw, of 1984.” – David Bowie

10 Comments on Canadian Front-Line Service Workers Will No Longer Say “Father” or “Mother” – They Will Say Parent

  1. Parent lacks the specificity required with government documentation.
    They will have to add Male parent or female parent, which defeats the whole purpose of their stupidity anyway.

  2. Now there is a “Parent Number One” and a “Parent Number Two”. The implication is that one of them is more important.

    Have they de-genderized the French language too, so that everyone and everything is an “it”? How about affirmative action — everyone is a “people”?

  3. Language devolution. On the path to loss of language – back to simpler life of grunting and pointing I guess is the goal.


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