Canadian Immigration Minister: ‘We Don’t Want People to Illegally Enter Our Border’

Dangerous: Canada appears to be weighing its idealistic rhetoric with the grim reality of illegal immigration amid a flood of asylum-seekers

Since the beginning of the year, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have apprehended 7,612 individuals attempting to illegally cross the border into the country. That’s nearly half of total immigration so far, as 7,810 people applied for immigration status legally.

The bureaucratic and moral dilemma is similar to the Haitian migrant population that left America for Canada starting last year. After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, some migrants were granted temporary citizenship until the Trump administration announced in November that the program would end.


As a result of the small exodus, the country’s immigration minister Ahmed Hussen announced “We don’t want people to illegally enter our border, and doing so is not a free ticket to Canada,” in addition, “We are saying, ‘You will be apprehended, screened, detained, fingerprinted, and if you can’t establish a genuine claim, you will be denied refugee protection and removed.’”

Now, it seems as though the new wave of immigrants heading north mainly come from Nigeria and other African countries. Most are entering the country by utilizing U.S. travel visas as false pretense.  more here

3 Comments on Canadian Immigration Minister: ‘We Don’t Want People to Illegally Enter Our Border’

  1. That is a very encouraging sign. ‘Eff Trudeau and his liberal government.

    That bad thing, for us, is those unwanted immigrants will stay here until we can round ’em up.

  2. It sums up the Haitians that they actually assume they can trespass into Canada and just “blend in” and become invisible.

    Jimmy Carter inflicted about 100,000 Haitian “refugees” on the state of Florida.
    Now, 40 years later, those Haitians still refuse to assimilate, refuse to obey any laws, and have not benefited at all from free educations, housing, lifelong support, etc.
    Their only visible efforts run along criminal lines. Visiting extraterrestrials could be excused if they mistook Haitian “culture” for some separate and evolutionarily doomed primate species.
    If they’re now trying to enter Canada after having fouled their nests here in the US, good riddance. I pity the unsuspecting and totally unrepresented average Canadians.

  3. Can you hold off on doing anything until after the mid terms? If things go right lots of Hollywood types will be headed your way. Although they’re not as barbaric as muslims, they’re one helluva lot more stupid.


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