Canadian Judge Makes Ruling on the FHRITP Case

What is FHRITP? It’s an acronym shouted by people acting like adolescent rebels. It’s in the same vein as Baba Booey. It stands for F— her right in the P—–.

It was funny maybe once, because of its clumsy redundancy.

A guy shouted it out of his truck as a female reporter was interviewing a mayor, or something. She took a picture of his license plate and the guy ended up going to court.

Canada is all over the map when it comes to rulings because they are struggling with free speech issues. Rulings seem to depend heavily on identity politics. The guy skated in this case, but if the “woman” was actually a transgender he would have gone to jail, for sure, because he would have triggered the dude because he doesn’t have a p—-.

This is what happens when speech isn’t really free and you have all these confusing virtue signaling issues rattling around in your progressive noggin.

Newser reoprts – “Something more than emotional upset and a momentary interruption in a conversation is needed to constitute the criminal offense,” he wrote in his decision. Rather, Penton would have needed to disturb the “ordinary and customary” proceedings of a public place in order for him to have committed a crime, the judge said.


He would have reached this judge’s threshold had he shouted it at Muslims kneeling in the street praying. You can bank on it.

10 Comments on Canadian Judge Makes Ruling on the FHRITP Case

  1. My Canadian friends yell “kick him in the c**t”. It’s too early in the day to be too distasteful. It’s kind of funny when they are directing their abuse at Trudeau.

  2. PHenry, it’s easy to poke fun at the canuckleheads, but I have a lot Canadian friends that are every bit as frustrated as we are about how things go. There are segments of the Canadian military that we would be proud to call our allies. The current long range kill shot is held by a Canadian sniper. If I remember right it’s around 2700 yards. And those guys will drink beer until until the cows come home.

  3. I get that Joe6. And living in VA I totally get the idea that I have representation in government. I’m sure their are many canucks in the same boat as me.


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