Canadian Political Debates Officially a Farce

CFP: Yesterday the debate schedules leading up to the October 21 Canadian Federal Election were announced. In addition to when, the names of the moderators of the debates have also been released. And it’s not a pretty picture. (CBC, Aug. 20)

The English language debate will take place on October 7. And there will be not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE moderators. These moderators are with CBC, CTV, Global, the Toronto Star and Huff Post. All left wing organizations. And most of them have been paid off by the governing Liberals. The thought of having a debate host such as Rex Murphy or someone from the Sun Media who at least can be objective, never crossed the mind of the organizers. Even worse, it might have crossed their minds and was discarded.

Taking part in the debate will be the leaders of the Liberal Party of Canada, the Conservative Party of Canada, the NDP, the Green Party and the Bloc Quebecois. Maxime Bernier, the leader of the newly formed Peoples Party of Canada, has been excluded for not meeting the debate criteria the elites set down. If nothing else, Bernier’s exclusion illustrates how much Canadian voters, real ordinary people, don’t matter. The Green Party has been around since the 1980s and currently has about 18,000 members. The PPC on the other hand, created in late 2018, has 40,000 members. That doesn’t matter. more

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  1. So you’re telling us they’ve adopted the US political playbook?
    Which country will be accused of interfering with their election? Our FBI/DOJ stands at the ready to assist.

  2. “Canadian Political Debates Officially a Farce”

    …did the Democrats learn it from THEM, or did THEY learn it from Democrats?

    Chicken, egg, chicken, egg…

    …maybe they all trained at the same globalist training camp, perhaps Soros held a seminar on Epstein Island where everyone learned the same thing at the same time, that would explain a LOT…

  3. It’s not a matter of the Canucks borrowing from the U.S. Democrats. The Cold War never ended and Communism has been winning in the interim.

  4. How the hell the Huff Post made it in there I don’t know but will be certain to ask. All of Canada’s media is left to one degree or another. The National Post (Conrad Black created it) was a conservative editorial type paper until it was bought by a group of Hedge Funds head by Golden Tree out of New York (35%) Most of its teeth were pulled over the course of time and it isn’t the newspaper that Black had envisioned. It ought to be interesting as by the time the debates roll around Justin Trudeau may just be under a criminal indictment for trying to influence his own Justice Department into rolling over on a case. In any event both the Libs and NDP and Green will argue the same socialist crap and this election will be one or lost depending on the performance of the Conservative Party leader. A lot of Trudeau’s support is teetering and it depends on which way and how evenly it falls (stay liberal or go to the NDP or just don’t go) and the Conservatives could form a majority government).


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