Cancel Culture Pick Up the Phone – Jesus Was Racist

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  1. Each time something like this is publicized, there should be something similar to the ‘WuFlu Death Count’ on the screen that reviews what the UniRats are trying to push through in the House.

  2. Jesus’ point was that the gospel was to be given to the Jews first and the woman understood that and was happy with the “crumbs” of His grace and mercy.

  3. I take extreme exception to anyone attempting to limit or curtail my right to free speech, which is exactly what the Cancel Culture is all about! Don’t try to shut me down just because you don’t like what I have to say or don’t like my beliefs using some sick, twisted idea that it somehow “offends” you!!

  4. Just as ANTIFA was a Stalinist organization, now we’ll experience the resurrection of another: The League of the Militant Godless.

    They’ve been operating in the shadows for years but they sense that their time is at hand.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. @CC, my first thought was that this guy looks like a cartoon character.
    Self righteous soy boy.
    You don’t like the bible or Yeshua? Don’t read it.
    I don’t like you so guess what? I won’t watch you any more.
    He wouldn’t know the rightly divided Word of God if it hit him in the face.

  6. How can God and Jesus be racist since they created all the races. The real racists are mankind which always has been and always will be. Man is the one who exploits other races because of their being different, their skin color, their religious beliefs etc. God does not exploit anyone like man does.

  7. I haven’t posted here in quite some time due to health issues, but this SHIT crosses the line. Why am I not surprised? Vultures, the lot of em’.

  8. Huh? I thought they didn’t believe in Jesus Christ. How can a fictional character (to this guy) be racist? Doesn’t make sense. Besides, of course, he’s got it wrong.

  9. mcfartus welcome back.
    Hope all is well now.
    God will not be mocked and whoa too them that does.


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