Cancel Culture’s blind spot: Anti-Semitism

Recently, several prominent stars have either shared or promoted anti-Semitic material — yet activists who normally rise up to decry hate have stood down.

Just The News:

Cancel culture has a curious blind spot when it comes to one brand of bigotry.

In recent days, several prominent stars have either shared anti-Semitic views or promoted material spoken by an unabashed anti-Semite.

Yet Chelsea Handler, Ice Cube and Jessica Chastain haven’t been ”canceled” like some in the entertainment field. In fact, activists who normally rise up when hate enters the conversation have stood down.

Handler stoked anger after she shared a 1990 clip from “The Phil Donahue Show” featuring Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan dissecting “white supremacy.”

The comic/activist featured the “powerful” video on her Instagram feed, which reaches nearly 4 million followers. Some quickly assailed her for ignoring Farrakhan’s relentless bigotry. MORE

11 Comments on Cancel Culture’s blind spot: Anti-Semitism

  1. Cancel cultists are pro-“palestinian” and anti-Israel, thus demonstrating that they are in bed with the mohammadmen.

    That is, until the mohammadmen cut their heads off.

  2. one can see the Islamic/Soros anti-Israeli connection a mile away

    … unless one were a member of the Media Ministry of Truth

  3. Cancel Culture’s blind spot: Islam…Prophet Muhammad owned and sold black slaves and Islamic preachers still say it’s OK.

  4. Virulent anti semitism and hatred for America are common threads woven through the fabric of hate that is both. The media is not blind to that fact, they actively camouflage it.

  5. I have observed the issues on the history of the Jews
    since I was old enough to be interested in world politics.
    As a Christian, I recognize that our cultures are inseperable.
    Ever since Israel was reformed as a nation after WWII
    God seems to have put a “hands off” sign on the Jews as a people. For the most part, those who mess with them wind up sorry and sore. The Bible goes into the why’s and wherefor’s pretty deeply but to put it simply; today, if you come down hard on the Jews, eventually it doesn’t end well for you.
    I am watching this resurgence of anti-semitism, especially
    here in America and I note that those glass palace dwelling hypocrites who are at the center of it should be the last people on earth to throw stones at anyone.

  6. Of course the Democrats -the entire Left- hates Jews both overtly and covertly by tolerating and encouraging it.

    Christianity is dependent on Judaism and the Left hates Christianity because it is in their way.

    Remember. when Jesus said “and ye shall be hated by all the nations because of my name” he was speaking to Jews. There were no Christians at that point since Christianity had not come yet and wouldn’t until after his death and Resurrection followed by the Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit.

  7. to beachmom. Fox has gone over that line against the Jews where God warned not to go. Sooner or later but probably not too long, It’s toast. Be comforted.

  8. Cancel Culture doesn’t cancel the enemies of America. Because Cancel Culture Is An Enemy of America.

    They’re the same people who say someone waving a Confederate flag is treason but a BLM rioter burning an American flag is a patriot.

    We don’t honor human rights because of slavery and Jim Crow but the Mohammedans who still engage in slavery and the Chicom political dissidents prison organ harvesting complex gets a free pass.

    I cancelled my Reddit account yesterday after their digital Kristallnacht. It was bad enough that they changed their icon to a BLM pattern but when they banned 2,000 subreddits while leaving a bunch of commie subreddits and leftwing ones, that was my final straw.

    Codifying that they will not ban people who make racist comments or encouraging violence against “majority” races is the definition of sanctioning racism against approved targets.


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