Candace Owens Announces Her Intention To Run For Office


Controversial conservative pundit Candace Owens announced on Thursday that she is planning a run for office, telling commentator Glenn Beck that she’s “eyeing a seat right now” and that she fully intends to win it.

Owens said on Beck’s show that she has been inspired to run in part by the actions of various American governors that have issued sweeping shutdowns of state economies in response to the coronavirus panic.

“All these governors and how dishonest they’ve been … I’m just getting sick of it,” she said.

Owens on the show pointedly did not disclose what level of office she is planning to run for. More

10 Comments on Candace Owens Announces Her Intention To Run For Office

  1. I’d hate to see her stop what she does now, but if she can take and hold a blue seat then more power to her.

  2. Well, if I was a Demonrat, I, my dead mother, my dead father, my dead aunts and uncles, my dead grandparents, and some of my dead pets would vote for her – early and often.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. If you go to a football game you will see a stadium with two sides opposing one another, and each thinking the other is the one that needs defeating for the welfare and benefit of their side.

    All their plays and strategies are oriented toward defeating the other side and achieving the winning position.

    But if you step outside of the stadium, outside of the box, and look in at what is really going on there, you will see a bunch of people playing football. They are all playing football, all playing the same game.

    No one on either side is offering the people in the stands anything different than football. That’s all they are allowed.

    Thus it is with politics.

  4. Let’s be honest, it’s a target rich environment. I don’t know where she calls home lately, but I hope it’s either NYC or California so see could take out a progress who won’t know how to run against her.

  5. I think what she’s doing now has more of an impact than her holding office. Plus she’s got a tongue like a chain saw that just cuts her competition into little chunks. She can leave your average Libtard looking like a big steaming pile of dog shit. Which is great for what she’s currently doing. I’m not sure if that tact will garner enough votes to actually win an election.

  6. Brad, on top of that, Congress has a way of ruining what appears to be good people. Unless she is in a position to take down Pelosi, or someone similar, I would like her to stay in an unelected position.

  7. when’s the last time you saw a gorgeous young lady with enough character to save herself for marriage ?


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