Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk call Joe Biden “Shady”, “Chinese Puppet”.

Candace Owens: Joe Biden ‘Has the Shadiest History’ When It Comes to Race.

Blexit founder Candace Owens told Breitbart News on Saturday that former vice president Joe Biden “has the shadiest history” when it comes to race. She added Democrats “believe they can control the narrative” with the help of the mainstream media, which is why it is important to have alternative platforms.

“I think Joe Biden probably has the shadiest history of all the candidates running when it comes to race — for somebody that authored the three strikes bill — to pretend that he’s somehow a hero for black America is a joke,” said Owens to Breitbart News at Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas, Texas.

“[Democrats] believe that they can control the narrative, they believe that black people will not research things on their own, independently. If black people research, they’d know — it’s just a false narrative, Trump never said that,” said Owens of Biden kicking off his presidential campaign with the Charlottesville “very fine people” hoax.  WATCH

Charlie Kirk: ‘Chinese Puppet’ Joe Biden ‘Won’t Be Nominee’.

Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA told Breitbart News on Saturday that “Joe Biden is a Chinese puppet” who will not end up being the 2020 Democrat nominee for president. He said Democrat voters today prefer radical candidates who hold views much farther to the left than those of the former vice president.

Kirk offered his remarks in an exclusive interview at the Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas, Texas.

“Joe Biden will not be the Democrat nominee; he will be devoured by the progressive base,” said Kirk to Breitbart News, “He’s weak, he doesn’t know where he stands on any issue, he has no spirit, he has no energy. Plus, the left, they want someone much more radical.”

“[Biden] is all the things they hate,” added Kirk, “He’s old, he’s white, and he’s a male. They don’t want any of that stuff, and so they are going to do everything they can to destabilize and destroy him. He’s always been a weak politician. Barack Obama made him relevant because he needed an elder statesman that’s been around for a while.”

“Joe Biden has said some of the most horrifically racist things that you could possibly imagine,” added the TPUSA founder, “He was best friends with former KKK leader Robert Byrd, he supported segregation in the 1970s.” WATCH


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  1. Joe can’t make the cut…So We need to ask ourselves who is the

    dark horse ? Sorry…but Moochie is too obvious ..and a simpleton…

    So who will it be ?

  2. Swampy Chinaboy Joe. He’s headed for the night soil pile out back of the Chinese Majong parlor. How you likke comeuppance Joeboy?

  3. Actually I suspect it would be more damaging to him if the Ukrainians could prove that he used his post as the VPOTUS to threaten their government into removing the prosecutor investigating corruption charges about the equity fund Biden’s son was fronting for as well as stopping the investigation. Right or Left, proof of his involvement in this scandal (and perhaps some promised recompense) would destroy him. Not even the media could help.

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