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Candace Owens – George Floyd is not a hero or a martyr

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I received this yesterday from HW, but waited for corroboration. Owens seems to have the story, with many details.

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  1. Brave lady. Now they are REALLY out to get her. I hope she has armed protection 24/7. The democrats still think their fugitive slave act is in effect.

  2. This guy was also a convict who spent 5 years for armed robbery. He was full of fentynil and meth when apprehended too.
    This cop was excessive but they deal with scum like him daily and I pity the guy for the railroad he’s getting. Kieth Ellison is personally going to be trying him, this is to further humiliate whites in general and him in particular.

  3. Thanx Candace ………… this will pbly be front page news, coast to coast.
    In an alternate Universe

  4. Sounds like a bad guy. But it’s a false dilemma here. Floyd was bad. Chauvin was bad too. Condemning Chauvin’s psychopathic behavior does not mean you suddenly believe Floyd was a good man. Both guys are bad guys. Floyd shouldn’t have died like he did. Doesn’t mean I think he’s an okay guy. It’s just bad all around.

  5. They already KNOW this guy was a shithead in life, and they don’t care. His death is simply the latest excuse to push their BS narrative and to smash shit up. No rational person thinks stealing TVs and tennis shoes has anything to do with justice.

  6. I read about that, too.
    Now, the cop was still wrong. I don’t think she’s excusing and she said she’s not.
    But there’s no excuse for rioting and making floyd the hero. There are other police brutality cases out there, but for some reason, they always pick the ones who have a rap sheet a thousand miles long.

    And don’t forget, floyd and chauvin know each other.
    Floyd did pornos for the people who owned the club they both worked at.
    Supposedly, chauvin did porn videos too, for extra cash.

    This is the wrong ‘police brutality’ to protest/riot/martyr about.

  7. Wow. So a scumbag gets murdered by four other scumbags and here we are. We should be focusing on the four cops. Lots of questions and inconsistencies are coming out. Why make this assassination this public if it weren’t meant to do exactly what it did. Be used as a catalyst to launch us into a race war. This sure seems intentional. Here we are, being played once again.

  8. George Floyd Was a 6-Time Felon.

    Look at how the NY Times frames the story of George Floyd’s friend who was in the car.

    This is glossed over.
    “But Hall — who had outstanding warrants for his arrest on felony possession of a firearm, felony domestic assault and felony drug possession — provided a false name to officers at the scene of Floyd’s arrest, according to a Minnesota official.”

    Our country is turned upside down over pieces of sh*t. Including the shitty cop. And the MEDIA!

  9. Sorry but I’m invoking my old Chief’s rule when I worked out the Phila. Naval Station Brig. —- there more than one way to go to the brig and mr. floyd, given these priors, and the fact that at least two of the cops knew him from previous interactions, MAKES ME GIVE THEM A PASS.

    He’s covid positive and who knows how badly his respiratory system was f’d up on that and the drugs?

  10. The left always makes heroes out of walking time bombs that expire. Trayvon Martin being an example. He was a good boy, he didn’t deserve to die.
    Telling the truth is a hate crime. This guy was drugged out and ready to lock up and would of shot you for 5 bucks and shoes.

  11. Wow, I actually disagree.
    Yes he was a douche, He was no ‘Gentle Giant’ and Fate dealt him his retribution. His karma led him to the place of his death.
    That fookin’ piece of shit cop killed him.
    Now, peacefully protesting the death of ANY PERSON killed in the way GF was killed by Police is something Lazlo cannot hold in contempt.
    Looting and willful destruction is not sanctioned by the Constitution.
    Those fookers need to be shot.
    I saw a pallet of bricks someone delivered to a street corner.
    Whoever paid for that pallet of bricks needs to be Hung.

  12. Not that there’s anything wrong with that …

    All the “heroes” of “the Movement” are phony as $3 bills.
    Desmond Tutu
    Nelson Mandela
    Stokely Carmichael
    Al Sharpton
    Jesse Jackson
    Ernesto “Che” Guevara
    Fido Castro
    Joe Stalin
    Lavretiy Beria
    Adolf Hitler
    Teddy Kennedy

    Murderers, rapists, perverts, greedy, amoral, nihilistic, megalomaniacs.
    Run it up the flagpole and see who salutes – ignorance is bliss.

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. And then there was the crime which initiated this whole fiasco.
    I’d like someone to ‘focus’ on where the counterfeit 20 dollar bill came from. And how it came in to his possession.
    Yeah, I wanna know that
    There are answers to be found there.
    When the cops get up off their knees, maybe they can look into that.
    If ellison lets them, that is.

  14. Why am I not surprised.
    It’s a wonder they don’t show pictures of him at 12 years old like the thug in Florida (if Obama had a son Trevon Martin).
    Remember the “hands up. Don’t shoot” character who beat up an Asian store clerk and had charged the cop to try to kill him portrayed as a sweet innocent upstanding citizen?

  15. If he was in jail where he belonged none of this would ever have happened. I blame the lax courts again.

  16. Officer Chauvin was just trying to keep us safe. And if even one life can be saved by his actions, then it was worth it. (gov cumo knows what i’m talking about)

    The governors have and had their boots on our necks for months. And it caused death. They killed people. Way more suicides and drug overdoses. And that doesn’t even count the other stress related deaths that will take place.

    The FACT is, that this actual science was KNOWN when the governors put their boots on necks and killed people.
    However, did Chauvin know, at the time of his heroic actions, that Floyd would die? NO

    The governors are more guilty than chauvin. If Chauvin goes to jail, then so should the governors.

  17. Dr. Falsely 😀👍🏻
    You mean the guy who SNL had Brad Pittstop play the part cause they look so much alike?

  18. Mr. Floyd was an unwilling martyr or hero who should have never gone the way he did. That asshole cop had 19 complaints against him. People have been fired for making funny jokes in offices. Why did the police union democrat machine let this prick carry on? Had they FIRED his ass, Mr. Floyd would still be alive and he’d have possible room to change his around. And KB Balla’s Sports Bar would still be intact. And the fact that the radical left used his death as an excuse just angers me to no end.

    The protesters need to be demanding answers from the Minnesota Guvnuh, the mayor’s office and the union bosses. And Combs Klaubucher. She could have done something but passed the buck and lied about why she did. Seems to me that’s where you’ll find your “systematic racism.” In the bowels of democrat ruled cities. Stop blaming PRESIDENT Trump. You know he’s not a racist and you’re playing psycho politics. I hope there’s a ton of red pillin’ going on.

    Like Dennis Rodman said. Those that are destroying businesses owned by all colors, looting, and burning buildings are FUCKING ANIMALS. Antifa is America’s version of Hamas. They need an hour knee to the neck.

  19. Aunt tomfoolery from this one. She needs a reeducation from Jesse Jackson and Maxine Waters.

  20. Ellison will overcharge, a new venue will be asked for and approved, two Coroners will fight over their interpretations of the autopsies they performed (the edge on this may go to the showbiz doc), they’ll be a fight over jury selection but you can be sure the defense won’t fuck that up ala OJ Simpson and at the end of the day it will likely end up either guilty causing an appeal which will be granted and a deal is struck for manslaughter or the current Jury (assuming the prosecution leaves manslaughter on the table) goes with that. Then we have another Black Friday Shopping Event.

  21. 26 MILLION Views, and it hasn’t been deleted yet. How is MSM letting this continue to play. It needs 300 MILION views. It should air on all major networks, several times a day.

    Also, Trump should have her side by side with Kayleigh McEnany!!!!!

  22. Floyd turns out to be a POS. Anybody here surprised? Didn’t think so. Now Ellison has changed the charges to second degree. Could be hard to prove without further evidence. Could be an attempt to obtain a plea bargain. My money’s on a cynical attempt to get Chauvin off to stroke further rioting.

  23. Are they going to parade through the nations cities with his coffin on a ox cart pulled by a mule?

  24. It was obvious from the beginning that there was more to the relationship between druggie and killer cop than met the eye.

    That department and their dim gov overlords need to be fully investigated.

  25. Once again the Deep State has found the perfect ruse to spark another, “Squirrel!” crisis. Pick a couple of losers – a corrupt cop and a pervert felon, with knowledge of each other, guarantee they cross paths. Wait for race baiters to turn the incident into a Kabuki theater. Only thing left is to organize protests throughout the country using leftist tools to perpetrate crimes.
    All done in an attempt to destroy Trump’s presidency and plunge the country into a economic depression. The Deep State wants control, by any means necessary – they’re playing for keeps.
    Candice Owen’s analysis is brilliant and just illustrates the depth of the left’s hypocrisy.

  26. I admire, respect, and have a crush on this woman.

    Therefore I must be a racist.

  27. I swear some people don’t listen. Or at least listen to things all the way through.
    Candace said numerous times that both guys were bad guys.
    She said numerous times Chavin needs to get the justice served to him he deserves.
    Why can’t some of you pansies accept that both dudes were pos’s?
    Candace is brave. Especially when the world is full of people who only read a headline or listen to 5 minutes of a half hour video and think they know what it all says.
    Can you tell I’m so sick of nervous nellies, fearfulness and just play douches?


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