Candidate for GA Gov. Wants Stone Mountain Defaced

Stacy Abrams, who is currently running for governor in Georgia has released a statement calling for the removal of the giant carving at Stone Mountain. Calling it a “blight” the candidate issued a series of tweets yesterday, charging that the work of art was started by the KKK but finished with government money.


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  1. Slave owners ate peanuts…
    Slave owners ate peaches…

  2. And of course, the Dem VA candidate for governor announced this afternoon that he wants to take down all monuments.

  3. If you’re white, you have no opinion worth stating….they’d prefer you just die an agonizing death somewhere. I’m so glad that the dims are going with this as their campaign theme…’s another weiner!

  4. The people of the South should be ashamed of being complicit in the destruction of their history and their heritage by communists and anarchists.

    When they come for the Alamo, hopefully Texans will be ready for them.

  5. Let’s face it. We don’t have a perfect history. We’ve always had disagreements and did our best to resolve them. That’s part of what makes us GREAT.

    I love our rich history, good and bad. It shows the path from where we came, and we’d best always study and remember it. It is most unfortunate that we are being pushed around by those who most probably could not explain the complicated circumstances of the Civil War, economically, culturally, and otherwise.

    America had great soldiers on both sides of the Civil War. West Point grads, veterans of the Mexican-American War, etc.

    Stonewall Jackson was one of the most brilliant battle tacticians in our history. He was also a man of God.

    Lee was torn about the war but led the Confederacy. Was a noble and honest man.

    Custer was a brilliant Union cavalry soldier, who helped cause victory at Gettysburg. But he was a vicious Indian fighter, blinded by arrogance.

    I could go on and on, but we are all Americans who are only made poorer by not remembering our history. Removal of these monuments only diminishes who we are, and stokes the fires of anger.

    We are all flawed people. There are some on this site who love Lincoln, others hope he is burning in hell, but we have found a common cause overall in our path to preserve what our Founding Fathers intended.

    Are those who are denouncing our rich history and removing those parts of it that they find offensive really helping their cause or causing the enrichment of the lives of others?

    Doesn’t it come down to stepping back from the condemnation and thinking of what Christ said to those who were to stone Mary Magdalene?

  6. @Czar of Defenestration August 16, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    Now, Czar! Owners of any property are only allowed recogniztion of ownership by government choice.

  7. That confederate statue that was vandalized in Durham had the date 1929 on it. Wouldn’t it have been better to investigate who put that statue up and why they did so almost 80 years after the Civil War was concluded.

    But you lose the statue you lose the history – the early Jim Crow Era ushered in under Wilson, but any reminders of that are gone now, no context remains for achieving a better understanding of what Durham was like for blacks 90 years ago ourselves.

  8. There won’t be history left for anybody. Black, White whatever. A complete vacuum. Identities erased. Civil rights will disappear because no one will know what that means.
    The gender war is another part to the puzzle. Eliminate a child’s identity. She is not a girl and he is not a boy. It must be easier to get control of life and death when the living body has no personhood.

  9. Mischie,

    But everyone will have implanted chips and therefore we’ll all be safer because freedom is evil.


  10. Robt. E. Lee is one of my heroes. What he did at Appomattox was a fulcrum moment in history.
    One of his lieutenants suggested to him to tell the men to “take to the hills”. In other words, start a guerrilla war. Lee would have nothing to do with that and told his lieutenant no, tell the men to go home.
    If Lee had succumbed to the suggestion, our history and the world’s history might have been very different. We would be like the current Ukraine/Russia, Northern Ireland/UK, etc.
    With all the troops, money expenditures, and general disruption (not that it was easy anyway), would we, as a nation, have progressed as far as we did in the later half of the 19th-first half of the 20th century?

  11. AMERICAN ISIS to removed “non-liberlslamic” statues and carvings. They will be blown up and supporters will be beaten.

    Just like ISIS.

  12. I think Mt Rushmore should be next on the chopping block.{sarcasm off} Those people need to grow up.

    Fritz- your analysis of Custer is wrong. He was last, dead last of his class at West Point. He got as far as he did by either pure luck or with overwhelming force. What passed for tactical thinking Washita only worked because the Cheyenne did not know the treaty they were living under had been abrogated. The same “tactical planning” translated in his command being brought to a bloody end at the Little Big Horn.

    Just some triva
    * Custer was offered Gatling guns when he departed for the Little Big Horn and he turned them down because they would slow him up
    *Custer’s Crow Scouts told him he was going up against thousands and he ignored their advice for caution
    * General Cook bumped into the Sioux weeks earlier on the Rosebud river and was repulsed. Cook sent word to Gibbons and Custer that it would take all three commands working in tandem because of the size
    * When Custer got Cook’s intel Custer spurred his boys faster because he did not want to share the up coming victory with any other command
    * Custer’s plan called for his command to be divided into thirds. Benteen was to go, with the wagons on the far side to catch any Sioux that ran away. Reno was to hit the other far side and then Custer was to follow Reno to add to the shock.
    *Custer decided to change plans without telling either Reno or Benteen and decided to hit the middle of the Sioux encampment.
    * When Custer saw for himself the size of the encampment he hastily wrote a note to be given to Benteen ordering Benteen back with the wagons because Custer knew he was going to need more bullets.
    And finally- the last words heard by Custer as reported by the corporeal who was going to find Benteen… “We’ve caught them napping”.

    Sorry, but the History Major in me could not resist.

  13. F4UCorsair ,

    It was CSA Pres Jeff Davis who ordered Lee to go to the Hills.

    Lee refused to obey that order. Lee was a man of honor. A good man in every measurable way. That is what makes him such a tragic figure- A not only good man but a brilliant man whose genius was put to good work for an unjust cause.

  14. Their ideas are so abhorrent that they have to import their voter base from the third world, and of course, bribe them with our tax dollars as well.

  15. Pelopidas,
    It may have been Davis that ordered Lee to the hills in a strategic sense, but it was an un-named aide that asked Lee after he returned from the surrender to do the same. It is this moment that I wrote about.

  16. Gee, I’ve seen this somewhere … didn’t ISIS do this in Syria?
    Didn’t the Nazis do this in the countries conquered for “lebensraum?”

    Do you think this irony is lost on these imbeciles?

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. And what hill shall we fight upon?
    When the fascists came after the gays I didn’t fight because I wasn’t gay. When they came for the Jewdmi didn’t fight because I wasn’t Jewish.

    I’m not southern by birth, but have lived most of my adult life south of mason dixon.

    Not looking to start any thing, but appeasement and retreat is distasteful and leads to bad outcomes always.
    It is a time for national reflection. Will minoritybullies shape this nation by tantrum?

  18. I visited Stone Mountain years back on a 4th of July.
    It was awesome, they played Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.”
    There was a laser light show.
    Everyone felt so proud and patriotic.

    I suppose that is another thing future snowflakes will never get to experience. Sad.

  19. Well I’ve never stepped foot in the South. But I do live off of Malcolm Dixon Road in California. That’s no shit. Destroying our past is no flash in the pan to satisfy leftist communist assholes. According to FB Trump is pushing through legislation to protect these monuments. I hope thats true.

  20. Alan: I’m pretty sure that Robert E. Lee would be very disappointed with the amount of “civilization” that the descendants of former slaves had achieved after all these years. Abraham Lincoln would be a very disappointed Great Emancipator if he saw the results of the Great Welfare Society and the Democrat Plantation on these same descendants.

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