Candidate Running For Flake’s Seat Insults Arizonans

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12 Comments on Candidate Running For Flake’s Seat Insults Arizonans

  1. How do all these people like Shitstain McCain get elected in AZ? Maybe the ranchers and farmers need a ride to town.

  2. Texson….. it’s old people. Old people from all over the nation migrate down here to die. Which is fine…. I guess. Just wish they’d take more meds or something so they’d stay indoors and off the roads and out of the voting booths.

    Do you see the problem? Every damn state sends us their old people. They die. Then new old people arrive to replace them. ALL of these old people are on meds. Wacky meds.

    Dear America, please keep your old people in their respective states. They’re clogging up my states electoral process.

  3. She and her ten followers are really having a hoot there……

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. Yeah, uh…
    Tiger eyes, I’m an arizonian, and I’m not voting for this flakey chick so please refrain from the insults. > >

  5. @Aaron Burr – I believe you, but it took some kinda mental effort to get my head around the idea that every old person in the U.S. doesn’t necessarily end up in Florida.

  6. It’s a drainage issue. Every old person west of the Mississippi ends up in Phoenix or Tucson and all the easterners end up in Florida.

    My state is young families, bikers, Mesikins and ol’ people.

    Only two of those groups are even eligible to vote.

  7. I see her signs up everywhere around Yuma, but don’t know a soul that would vote for that cunt! Pardon my fuckin’ french!


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