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Candidates Getting A “Boost” Last Night

Observers have noted that three candidates in last night’s debate stood on “booster boxes:”

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), and former U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Julián Castro all stood on a booster boxes to appear taller during the Democrat presidential primary debate on ABC.


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  1. They all should have had ‘booster boxes’ seeing as how they are all low-lifes.

  2. Didn’t Hillary wear some kind of life support unit during her debates with the president?

  3. They would have been just as tall if they put the boxes on top of their heads, and much better looking. However, they still wouldn’t have been as tall as the other clowns wearing two foot high dunce caps!

  4. No mention of Stephanopoulis’s booster seat.

  5. Any one of them will need a hell of a lot more than a booster when they debate POTUS!

  6. @ You Know What I Mean SEPTEMBER 13, 2019 AT 12:51 PM

    They are going to need a defibrillator, or a casket, after he gets through with them

  7. when we were visiting San Antonio over the Labor Day weekend, nobody and I mean nobody had anything good to say about the Castro Brothers.

  8. But is was the GOP had the tip toe scandalgate several times. They kept saying Jeb! and Trump both tall men were doing that. Meanwhile their mental and physical midgets can’t see over a podium.

  9. After being attacked, Joe Biden should have said “to show there are no hard feelings, I’d like to invite Julian to meet me half way and shake hands”. The optics of Julian stepping down would have been priceless.

  10. Being short should not be an issue. It only is an issue because the left is all about identity politics and how people FEEL. Rub it in and make it as grueling as possible. They define the political process, so they should be held responsible for when they don’t measure up. Hahahahahaha

    And I’m not a height hater. Just like blacks can’t be racist, short people can’t be heightists. Bwaaaaahahahahahaha Suck it, leftys!

    Sorry, I enjoyed this more than I should. 😀

  11. I just watched Dice’s Youtube on Whatfinger and I have to say I got a boost when Joe almost lost his dentures!


    “Yes? Hold it a meatewhewq hwht wqh twq..”

    Joes’s teeth are gone.


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