Candy Desk: One Desk in the US Senate Chamber is Always Filled With Candy


Since 1968, one desk drawer in the United States Senate has always been stocked full of candy and sweets.

Traditionally, one senator who sits near a busy entrance is elected each year to fill his desk with candy and keep it full for the other members. This “sweet” tradition has only been public knowledge since the mid-1980s, before which it was kept a secret.

The current candy desk is occupied by Sen. Patrick J. Toomey from Pennsylvania.

Food is typically forbidden inside the Senate chamber. However, unable to resist his urges, one Californian senator named George Murphy started to fill his desk with candy in the 1960s. His colleagues would often catch him sneaking a snack from his drawer, though, so he began to share his candy in exchange for their silence.

The senators who secretly shared the sweets began to call Murphy’s seat the “candy desk.” Soon after that, word spread around Capitol Hill, as everyone was keen on the idea of hiding snacks in one in the Senate chamber.

After he was defeated in the 1970 elections, Murphy’s six-year term ended and he left the Senate. Still, other Republican senators carried on the custom and continued to fill a desk with candy for the enjoyment of their colleagues. Thus, a tradition was born.

Sen. George Murphy, the man responsible for the candy desk in the Senate

The task of keeping the practice alive passed from senator to senator, with Paul Fannin, Harrison Schmitt, Roger Jepsen, and Steve Symms all taking the job at some point. Symms was the first to break away from the traditional hard candy, filling the drawer with chocolates from his home state of Idaho. Over the years, many different spots around the chamber had the privilege of being the candy desk, as the role continued to change hands.


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Where are the locations of the the condom desk, the slush fund desk, the sex toy desk, the liquor desk, the cigar desk, the back stabbing knife desk, etc. etc.

This story is quaint… I ain’t buying it. Politicians aren’t “sweet.”

19 Comments on Candy Desk: One Desk in the US Senate Chamber is Always Filled With Candy

  1. Now the chamber is half filled with corrupt candy asses who are only there to enrich themselves and friends.

    Term phucking limits and repeal the 17th.

    NOW. Return power to the states.

  2. Would have guessed Uncle Joe Biden………”Hey little lady, would you like some candy? Its in the bottom drawer…..just reach across and get it.”

  3. Sen. Obola kept a rather large dildo in his desk …

    or so I’ve heard.

    He’d suck on it when nobody was watching … or slide it up his ass …

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Reminds me of what I saw recently in my lovely hometown Riverside CA:
    Hidden Stash Candy Shop right next to Le Sex Shoppe adult bookstore.
    The best part is that White Park, aka Bum Central, is across the alley.

  5. They have high regard for self-indulging traditions like this, and no regard for our noble heritage of Justice.
    May every last one of them die a grisly death. They truly deserve that.

  6. So which senator is the…..

    “Keeper of the Envelopes”…..

    You know……the guy’s desk that holds all the lobbyist bribe and kickback money…..

    By guess is either…… McShame or Schmuckles.

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