Candy For Breakfast

Feeding a Venus Flytrap Candy Instead of Flies.

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  1. A long time ago I put together a nice terrarium in a fish tank. It had five different mosses, a dwarf fern, and three or four Venus flytraps. Its main feature, though, was a breeding pair of cockroaches (yes, the terrarium had a close-fitting screen lid).

    Every few days, I’d feed the cockroaches with a piece of hot dog, and they thrived…and reproduced. The flytraps would eat the little roaches, and the flytraps thrived, too.

    Raw nature in my living room!

  2. Just think: God put a plant in an area of the world where it can’t get all its essential nutrients from the soil, so he gave it the ability to snatch those nutrients from bugs which are attracted to its scent. Remember: Darwin merely “discovered” the stuff God made. Anyone want to talk about “kinds”?


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