Cannes Bans The Burkini

Citing security concerns the Southern French city of Cannes has banned the full-body swimwear favored by Muslim women.

Funny how they waited till Mid-August when they could have announced the safety measure back in May during their famous film festival.  I wonder how the elite will react next year or if the ban will come off before they start arriving in their yachts and private jets?



9 Comments on Cannes Bans The Burkini

  1. Well good news. There’s a beach on the Farralon Islands that is Burkini approved. They suggest you wear flippers too.

  2. On NBC today they made sure to broadcast an insignificant 100 meter preliminary track race because it had a muzzie from Saudi Arabia in damn near a full burqa.

    Bitch came in second to last but NBC made a big deal out of it.
    Because, well, tolerance from us bigoted asshole’s who like to keep our limbs intact.

  3. When the thing gets wet, it starts to adhere to the woman’s ass, and it shows the shape of her ass; which is a yank-ogenic visual in every culture that I know of

    So what’s the point?

  4. seems like those burkini’s would absorb a lot of water and drag you down-down-down-oh well, let the girls wear them and say-the water is much better about 50 yards further out.

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