Canned Laughter

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  1. I bought a can of this, followed the directions and ended up with a gallon of dihydrogen monoxide. Gee thanks A.O.C. Industries for ruining my dinner.

  2. Every time I see one of her memes, I think of the girl in the Cascade detergent commercial.
    “What does the dishwasher do?”
    That girl is much smarter.

  3. @Burner – every time I see that commercial I think, “Maybe you should be upstairs brushing your big yellow teeth instead of criticizing how your mother is doing the dishes.”

    I HATE commercials with know-it-all kids, like they are smarter than the adults.

  4. The next big thing will be canned air. If they can charge $1.00 for air for my car tires (it used to be free then along with water at my dad’s gas station) why not can air and tell people it is organic and comes from certified pure air from some obscure place with a funny foreign name and charge them big bucks for it. There has to be enough suckers who would buy it just because.


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