Cannibalism and Extraction of Migrants’ Organs Revealed on Trafficker’s Cellphone

Breitbart: Preliminary investigations into the notorious migrant trafficking kingpin Medhanie Yehdego Mered revealed images and videos of cannibalism, dismembered bodies, murders and the sale of migrants’ organs, according to prosecutors.

Mered, nicknamed “The General,” who was arrested in Sudan last May and extradited to Italy in June, stands trial for the trafficking of thousands of illegal immigrants from Africa to Italy in exchange for millions of dollars.

Images found on the 35-year-old Eritrean’s cell phone and entered into evidence have been described as “a graveyard of horrors,” and allegedly include scenes of cannibalism and the murder of migrants unable to pay the agreed-upon fees.  more here

7 Comments on Cannibalism and Extraction of Migrants’ Organs Revealed on Trafficker’s Cellphone

  1. Just watch, the libtards will now scream that we have to let in the illegals so that they will not be exposed to this kind of horror. Never mind what is happening to me and anyone that I care about. And watch how government will “vette” these people so that they are properly examined and found to be good people to live among us.

  2. On fhe plus side, we are 65% certain that Hillary had nothing to do with this. Okay, maybe 60% certain.

  3. So, for the “crime” of charging Africans “millions of dollars” for transit to Italy, the Italians pay the Africans (but the Good Africans — the Government Africans) thousands of euros to send them another African — in the hopes of feeding, housing, and paying for him for decades. Explain to me, again, why anyone (anyone, at all) wants to save the Europeans from the Muslims?

    (And, for the -ist Crusaders, I didn’t ask “Why anyone wants to ally themselves with the Muslims?” I asked “Why anyone wants to save the Europeans?”)

  4. That’s why it’s called ‘Darkest Africa’
    They are animals with access to technology, and are hideously cruel to each other, as exemplified by the story here.
    Colonialism was the only chance they had for acclimatizing to civilization, and progressive multicultural nonsense put the lunatics in charge of the asylums.
    This guy would be a good candidate for some medical experimentation. Perhaps studies on detaching and reattaching limbs, or as a Proctologist’s teaching aid.

  5. Anyone see yet why we don’t bring these ferals into our nations?
    Perhaps in another 10-20,000 years they will evolve past that missing link they were denied last time around.
    Africa keeps trying to cleanse itself and we keep trying to cure it.
    The insanity of ‘every culture and every person is equal in value’ is destroying us ALL!!!

  6. Obama should stand trial for the trafficking of thousands of illegal immigrants into the US.
    Mexican’s, central Americans, South Americans, Chinese and Islamic terrorists and refugees.
    All they must do is sign up for free food, housing, transportation, tax refunds, phones and then vote democrat.
    Now that’s insanity.


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