Canoe Believe This?

Remember this one?
Wayne, New Jersey- October, 2005. NBC Today Show reporter paddles a canoe in shallow flood water.

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  1. Someone in the tee vee biz should bring back a comedy show that exposes all the media nonsense. “Revealed a high White Horse Souse.”

  2. I laughed so hard when this first ran. I worked in TV as an audio engineer and frequently laughed at the stupidity of some of out reporters and and anchors. We had the only anchors that could float. We had an anchorman who actually took off his mic and walked off the set at the end of a newscast. his widdle feelings got hurt.

  3. Just more confirmation the IQ quotient of reporters are inferior to that of the general population.

    When factual evidence contrary to the narrative is presented in real time, before their own eyes, the ability to reverse course escapes them.

  4. This very thing happened on the news last night during a report on Florence.. A couple of women being rescued by boat in water that was barely over the mens ankles.

  5. The leftist idiots have no shame. Hillary and that nincompoop, obamination have embolden all sorts of criminally and just plain stupid leftists to expose themselves in vivid color. Beclowning themselves and damn proud of it.

    Some Blue Wave; more like a Mired Swamp-water Wave, caused by the witless, belly-flopping into the filthy swamp of DC. Tighten your life vests, the swamp is breaching it’s shores.

  6. NBC owns The Weather Channel, so this shit must be in the company’s employee handbook. Fake news, it’s not just for MSNBC anymore!

  7. If you can’t trust the media on something like this, you can’t trust them on ANYTHING! Don’t be the audience of evil,stupid
    jackoffs like this.


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