Can’t Imagine Anything Like This Happening When I Was a Kid

Thank you, left, you really have “progressed” the world.

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  1. I’ll bet anyone the perps have a 3rd world look about them. Saskatoon, Canada, do you think those poor bastards that have worked their ass off in that country are happy with this?

  2. The creep with the camera didn’t even try telling them to stop.

    I’m not sure which, the beating or the camera operators actions, js the larger sign of where we are.

  3. Pleasant Hill neighborhood Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Another video Rocks thrown at CTV crew
    Hmmm I wonder if there’s any new Canadians in the rock-throwing group who were throwing from the roof of a house and one threw a knife and someone said get a slingshot???
    Story about new Canadian students–not saying its these kids, but could be other new Canadians. . .
    Refugee students in Saskatoon

  4. Ever read the book “Lord of the Flies”? Children unguided by ethical and moral adults can be very vicious in bullying. When hate and anger are fed to children, they can pick it up quite readily and can easily kill, as they actually have. So even children can be dangerous, as is seen in this video. It is possible this was recorded by someone who was actually enjoying the scenario. It would likely be considered racist if the faces weren’t blotted out. If they were white, they would have been identified. But not if black.

  5. Poor little kids, There is no wrong in leftist utopia Canada. They were just working on their antifa moves.

    Look around America. The left is letting criminals loose upon us. The left has invited ILLEGALS to destroy America.

    President Trump needs to take a page from obamination’s use of presidential power:
    -just do, you ‘have a phone and a pen’
    -don’t announce that the ILLEGAL invading hoades are being placed around America…just do it!
    -put all of your life as a civilian under lock and key. Obamination still has his life under lock down.
    -bring your family under the umbrella of presidential protection to join Holder

  6. Rama Rama Ramadan drama!

    Just another day of of religion of peace centered activities. Kids don’t look like your usual Canadians.

    Probably Muslim boy-scouts earning a merit badge.

  7. The saddest aspect of the attack on this unfortunate women was the little white boy, circling the pack of diddonuffin immigrant hyenas. Self aware enough to know what they were doing was wrong but too afraid to help.

  8. Video needs to be shot in landscape mode. Turn the phone the other way. No one “filmed” or “videotaped “ anything. iPhone video is strictly digital. Why protect the thugs with blurred out faces? They are thugs, not innocent children.

  9. “Halcrow said that she intends on giving a formal statement to police on Wednesday morning but hasn’t decided whether she’ll press charges yet.”

    She’s not going to help herself. I don’t understand this.

  10. One of my reps from South Portland has a bill going through committee right now that would provide that juveniles under 14 yrs of age like these little angels can not be incarcerated.
    No answer as to what to do with them except counseling.
    The stupidity of leftists is makes my brain hurt.

  11. “She’s not going to help herself. I don’t understand this.”

    Fear. She knows what her country has turned into and who runs it.

  12. Hitler did this quite well: Release criminals onto the population. If we shoot them, then the government demands gun control. If we ask for protection, the government will give us a police state. At present, the courts have ruled that police are under zero obligation to protect citizens. Ironically, VIPs and government officials ARE often protected by police details.

  13. When I was a kid if they had even attempted this, the woman would have knocked the shit out of them and any male adults around would have been jerking their belts off and beating their asses until they couldn’t sit down. If only women had been around, those boys would have went home with switch welts on their asses and up and down their legs.

    Today though any adult who laid a hand on them would have been charged with assault and battery on a minor.

  14. “Comments are disabled for this video.”

    Gee, I wonder why? They aren’t disabled here thankfully. This is our future. It’s becoming more and more clear to me why my two grown children have decided not to bring children (who become adults), into this world. I am grateful for that. Why bring this upon yourself as a parent. But then again, the way these spawns from Satan were acting, the children learned it from somewhere.

  15. I’m working on a repellent for these vicious little insects. One that can be easily carried and readily available that’ll stop the attack immediately. It won’t be instantly lethal so once they’re treated the product can be carried back to the queen and destroy the pests at the source.
    If all goes well I expect to corner what is an emerging market!

  16. “Fee Fi Fo Figger… OhMiGawd, do I hate niggers.”

    – Chris Rock, from the HBO special “Bigger & Blacker”

    If something is not done about these fucking dusky animals, they’re going to turn every urban area in the US into Moga-fucking-dishu. They’re flat out sub-human orc monsters in real life.

  17. Hitler was actually working towards the opposite of what happened here. I’m not sure how he factors in to this.

  18. I won’t tell you what I would have done because I wasn’t there. But I will tell you what I did do when I saw a man abusing a dog.

    Driving down a not-busy neighborhood street, I did not stop my car and film the abuse. I stopped my car, got out and stormed across to the sidewalk, yelling at the man to stop what he was doing. He was yelling back, but I kept coming. I am only 5’2″, but I’m sure flames were coming out of my eyes.

    I yelled at him some more and his wife came out of the house to yell at me and I yelled at her, too. After a minute, I told them that I was leaving but I was going to call the police and report them for the abuse. They kept yelling as I walked back to my car. I got my phone out so they could see me and called the police.

    I left then, waved at them and shot them some more flames. I know that the police in the town I lived in would give them a visit, because I had reported a neighbor of mine for kicking his dog. The dog was gone later that day, so I knew they would take this seriously.

    This pansy who was filming this poor lady is as culpable as the kids doing the attack. Shame on him.

  19. I was born in the early 40s and was raised as most to believe not to hit a woman…in 1979, Seal Beach CA, I was crossing a street with my family to have a dinner at a local shop when two young, about 11, boys decked a girl riding by on a skateboard in the street. I was amazed, then they began to kick her in the head while my kids were screaming so I grabbed the boys by the back of the shirt and pulled them away. At that point, two young men came out and began to slap my kids…I let the boys go and protected my kids while the young boys began to kick the girl again..the young men warned me that it was none of my business and to go home…I have seen other things like this since and it is why I hate Democrats so much because of their success in changing our culture.

  20. @F4 “Here’s another idea: PUT THE PHONE DOWN AND HELP HER!!!!”
    That’s what I thought too, until the announcer got to the end, it made sense.
    Saskatoon, eh?

  21. Many years ago in Florida my vehicle was pelted by about 8 kids of high school appearance standing near the expressway. Having my high school nearby and my business also nearby I knew the quirks of the roads in the neighborhood. I took the complicated route to get on the other side of a road that crossed over the entire expressway near that complex cloverleaf. I crossed the road and spied that they were still throwing rocks and how large the rocks were. I went back and collected some smaller rocks and located myself where I could throw the rocks at them unobserved. I spied on them again and took my place where I could see them begin throwing rocks. When they resumed rock throwing at cars I stepped down and threw several quick volleys of multiple rocks at them hearing some scream as they were hit and their shouts of confusion. Successful karma. I then proceeded under cover to where my vehicle was out of sight and left the area. People die from rocks thrown at vehicles. I was protecting lives. I was also protecting my life as I did not want to be attacked by 8 youths if I had confronted them directly, or if I had stuck around and waited for them to possibly attempt vengeance for my pointing out their misdeeds. More people may have been hurt. I did not hear of any more incidents near there after that as i had seen in the news. I did not see anybody on the side of the expressway doing that for at least several years. I may have gotten the effects and results I had hoped for. I hope so. It was the best that I could do in those circumstances. Nowadays there might have been an all points bulletin and years of news stories about the mystery rock thrower who pelted “angelic” youths that dindunuffin. Turnabout is fair play. Statutes of limitations are long over for all involved.


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