12 Comments on Capitalist Pizza Franchise Chooses Communist Logo

  1. Yep. Just like you said fly them to those commie nations and leave them there
    In a day or two they will be crying for their mommies.

  2. Missing in the article is the “political leanings” of the Pizza Shop owner (it being California, one can reasonably assume Left, but…). The logo is pretty ambiguous, unless you take it literally (which Leftists tend to do), but I can see the satirical take on the original as well (as with the “Che is still dead” t-shirts).

    Power to The Pizza!

  3. They state that their prices may be higher than other chain pizza places. They seem to be hawking small, individual pizzas for around $8.25.
    Closest to socialism/politics is that local groups can fundraiser with them.
    The chain is run by some pretty heavy weight business people.
    Actually it seems like a nice way to lure the little socialist bastards out of mom and dad’s basement and take the cash they would normally be spending on airs oft guns and bandanas.

  4. You get one flavor of pizza. How many flavors does comrade need?
    No. No extra cheese. Everyone is allotted the same amount of cheese.
    Now get to the back of the line.

  5. This is insanity. They better not open one around by me here in NE O-ho-ho. I guarantee we’ll have the place shut down in a week.

  6. They can use that fist, to stick that pizza where it belongs! :flipoff:

    Over/under on their “out of business” sign is 5 months. 😆

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