I guess we’re gonna do re-captioning and tweaking of some classic one panel cartoons. It’s all the rage on FaceBook.


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  1. Our new neighbors, the Na’feens, decapitated Billy for eating bacon. They gave me this book to make it clear why he deserved it, and then gang raped me for being an unveiled whore.

    Isn’t multiculturalism awesome?

  2. Billy drew a rainbow on the sidewalk and Achmed Na’Feen attacked him with a sword. Achmed said to read this book.

  3. Billy didn’t yell Allah Akbar loud enough during morning prayers so the infidel was disemboweled and his head was chopped off. I will miss my brother. Allah Akbar.

  4. “Hi Suzy, would you like to hear about my religious beliefs? Before you answer, let me tell you what happens if you say ‘no’ “

  5. it was all a misunderstanding, our new neighbor, achmned asked me where Jeffy was and I said he and billy beheaded to the libary.

  6. “The future must not belong to those that slander the prophet of Islam”

    … now, where have I heard that one ????

  7. “Hi Stephanie! I’m going to the mosque with mommy and daddy. Daddy said he made Billy leave earlier so he’s ahead of us now.”

  8. “Hey Stephanie, do you know the difference between Billy and a bowling ball? I don’t either, but I never heard a bowling ball scream.”

  9. Oh I’m so glad I ran into you Stephanie! Come join us! We’re making brownies and cookies for our big meal after Ramadan fasting today and then we’re boiling Billy’s testicles to feed to the goats.”

  10. “And then the imam of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, peace be upon him, actually tweeted to ME! He said, ‘Nice severed American infidel head, Suzie, wanna bring it to the white house?'”

  11. You know, those Moslems aren’t going to stand for you getting their goat like this. Watch your back.

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