Caption Contest Winner



2nd runner up –  Please move my car under the trees for shade.

– Mary Jane Anklestraps
1st runner up – It’s not a note. It’s Mooch’s tab from the steakhouse restaurant that she skipped out on.


And the winner is…

My name is Caitlyn. We met at Mans Country a few years ago. Call me 876-5309.

– Sean Padraig

Sean, send me your address –


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  1. Sean’s a winner, but so are Caitlyn and Barry. (I feel a little sorry for females named Caitlyn…..this is another example of a perfectly good word/name stolen.)

  2. Congratulations to the top three winners! I voted for each one of you. Lots of laughs there.

    Another one of my favorites was from Bad_Brad:

    Times up!

    With Love

    Seal Team Six

    The whole thread was a winner.

  3. I could NOT stop laughing, reading all of them. This place has the funniest and most intelligent writers around.

    That was great.

  4. I didn’t know that there was a caption contest, but I think I deserve an award, too! You so-called conservatives are always winning prizes for so-called witty things that are abjectly said about so-called “stuff.”

  5. Yes, the author is a friend.
    And guess what. you guys know him too.
    He’s been a commenter on this site for the last 6 years.
    He’s not a prolific commenter, but you’d know the name if I said it.

  6. Zonga, I thought that was great, too. Bad_Brad’s entry made me laugh thinking how Obongo would mess his pants if he ever got a note like that.

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