Capture the Flag Just Got Real

We’re directing you to the Bullpen Post for this story about Shia Lebeouf’s anti-Trump “art piece” getting hijacked AGAIN.

8 Comments on Capture the Flag Just Got Real

  1. Some really smart fellows punked him.
    Intelligence and ability beats ‘FEELINGS’ every time.
    Shia, you suck!
    Give up, you’re losing, hoser.
    No ‘partisipant’ trophy for you, sissy.

  2. There are also Youtube videos of people punking his live feed continuously. It’s some really funny stuff.

  3. Why do “moron” and “sissy” always occur together nowadays?

    I guess Spielberg long ago cancelled those plans to feature SLB in a sequel franchise as the son/successor to Indiana Jones.

  4. What would be really hilarious is if they made up all that stuff about constellations and contrails to conceal the fact that they have a mole in Shayla’s entourage.

  5. And I must say, for a second there, that cropping on the front page had me expecting a totally different story.


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