Car hits pedestrians outside London museum; some injured


“He looked really proud of himself,” she said. “He was laughing.”

17 Comments on Car hits pedestrians outside London museum; some injured

  1. He looked quite proud of himself. Yeah, right, it takes a special kind of talent to actually be able to hit people with a car! Maybe they should make it an Olympic sport so that the Muslims can excel at something besides bomb making!

  2. Now, now, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions, it could have been Sir Paul driving that car, beep beep.
    Was it a little Nash Rambler?

  3. When will the Great Britians learn? All Muslims must be given at least three days of intensive driver’s education before they are allowed to drive on the wrong side of the streets of London.

  4. Car’s of Peace. The guy should have been driving a truck, that way there would be a few tons more of Peace to share with everyone.

  5. I recently had a muzzi nearly collide with my car. He was late for rug prayer. I followed him into the parking lot of his mosque.
    Chewed his ass out. He laughed the whole time. Phucker

  6. Mickey M,
    After he went in, you should have flattened two of his tires. Or broken out a tail light.

  7. Obama did that a lot too.
    Caused many train wrecks & with personal injuries. Then looked proud of himself & grinned about it.

  8. Just part of living in the big city.

    They voted a terrorist for Mayor. They got terrorism in the streets. Sounds like everybody’s getting what they wanted.

  9. Let’s play a little “turn about” experiment.
    Let’s put a white male into the car’s driver seat. And have him plow into a muzzie crowd on the sidewalk.
    What do you suppose the LSM media’s response would be? And the police response?
    Why should the white driver be treated any different than the muzzie driver? Hmmmmmmmm????


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