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Car Jacker Crashes Vehicle, Unsecured Baby Doesn’t Survive


A one-year-old boy was killed when someone wrecked a car that they stole from a Milwaukee parking lot with the child inside on Friday.

As confirmed by the Milwaukee Police Department via TMJ4, the accident occurred at the intersection of N 35th St & W Hope Ave on Jan. 27, 2023. It was reported that the child was left in the backseat of an unlocked Pontiac G6 when an unidentified suspect entered the vehicle and sped off, ultimately crashing the vehicle around 11:30 p.m. CST.

First responders found the child, since identified as 13-month-old Zarion Robinson, ‘alert and awake’ in his car seat in the back of the vehicle. However, the car seat was not properly secured within the vehicle itself. He was rushed to Children’s Wisconsin, where his condition rapidly declined. Continues

11 Comments on Car Jacker Crashes Vehicle, Unsecured Baby Doesn’t Survive

  1. Oh my gosh! He’s so sweet and cute. God just couldn’t wait to get him home.

  2. Speaking of EVIL

    Do You notice the Hoops the Devils Advocate is having to jump to keep that ELITE HOLLYWOOD PRODUCER out of Jail.


    OSCAR Worthy msNBC (a bit a FOX too) CNN is playing it safe in Isreal

  3. Life is pretty cheap in parts of Milwaukee.

  4. A 13 month old baby left alone in the backseat of a car at 11:30 pm. Something wrong with this picture, can’t quite put my finger on it.

  5. Prayers for the family, the one who left the car may wind up paying as well.

  6. Anyone dies as a direct result of a felony is murder one.
    Fry these carjackers.

  7. The parents (in all likelihood a single mother) should be charged as accomplices to murder.

  8. From another article: “Zarion’s mother, Mikayla Tweedie, told the Journal Sentinel that the driver was an ‘acquaintance’ of hers who was in the car with the mother prior to stealing it. ‘That day me and my cousin stopped by the house. (The suspected driver) was in the back seat, she (is) a family friend,’ Tweedie said. ‘Me and my cousin went inside to drop my cousin’s cat off. … She took it upon herself to hop in the driver’s seat and pull off with my child in the car. I called her and said I don’t care about the car, I just want my baby back.'”

    I take back my previous comment.

  9. Unlocked car, one year old child left unattended, Key had to have been in the ignition to jump in and drive off. What in the world is wrong with these people


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