Car Plows into Backyard Pool

When the windshield wipers went on I chuckled.

12 Comments on Car Plows into Backyard Pool

  1. Maybe it is the angle of the video, but that looks like either the largest SUV on the planet, or the world’s smallest driver.
    Thank God there was no one in the pool, or in the back yard!

  2. He’s new to the concept of car pooling.

    Turns out he’s a typical lib with the logic powers of a 5 year old and took it literally without thinking of the consequences until they happened.

    Now to figure out how to blame whitey.

  3. Looks like a foreign asshole to me.
    Gets out and kicks a piece of the plastic pool
    as if it was at fault and the hands on the hips
    as the little prick surveys what he has done.
    The water slowed him down alot.If not for the pool
    he would have crashed into the house deep!

  4. Here in the Bayou State you occasionally see pickups sliding down boat ramps into the water. I swear, every time…EVERY TIME…the vehicle’s windshield wipers turn on intermittent as the truck’s electrical system shorts out and shits the bed.

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