Car Terrorist Attack in Charlottesville, VA Protest (Warning: GRAPHIC VIDEO) – UPDATE: 1 DEAD


Can anyone identify this car?


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79 Comments on Car Terrorist Attack in Charlottesville, VA Protest (Warning: GRAPHIC VIDEO) – UPDATE: 1 DEAD

  1. Your watching results of the double standard. Keep pulling a lions tail and sooner or later kaboom. Fox news is calling it a racest rally, never heard BLM rallies called that.

  2. Nazi flags flying on one side, Antifa on the other. And David Dukes just showed up running his mouth praising Trump. The media will have a field day with that.

  3. You don’t have to agree with the rally. But you should be allowed to assemble peacefully, and that means without being spat upon, having objects thrown at you etc. I don’t see this community going up in flames as is usually the case when blacks gather in protest.

  4. I have no sympathy for either group.
    Both groups were prepared for violence and it happened.
    Who is surprised?

    If I were surrounded by either group who were throwing rocks and threatening my life I would do all in my power to extricate myself from the threat. To my knowledge it is still human nature to survive.

  5. There is this park called Robert E. Lee park, Education elites wanted to remove the statue and call it Education park. All this without taking a vote or any other public process. The white people got sick and tired of all this political correctness, and deceided to stop it.
    That is what i heard from the grapevine.

  6. The Coming Violence of the Left

    EXCERPT: “The election of Obama convinced many on the Left that the end times were upon us. The righteous would be carried to the promised land, and most important, the bad whites would be chased from the land, either sent into exile or reduced to the status of untouchables.

    That obviously did not happen, which is why the Left is so unhinged. More important though, their attempt at a kill shot by putting Obama in the White House has ignited a genuine counter revolution. For fifty years the Left has faced nothing more than token resistance from “their friends on the Right” but now they are seeing a true opposition forming up. The Buckley Right embraced Progressive morality, with slightly different ends, while the alt-right rejects Progressive morality in its entirety.This is the result.”

  7. Extirpates –
    A lot of tension here in Va. Our radical governor is really pushing and changing school names, major road names, removing monuments, etc. He’s over the top. History can’t be erased.

  8. This rally was scheduled for some time now, so no suprise all the extremists had time to gather. It was about another removal of a confederate statue {erasing history} to appease carping radicals. Whites speaking up tend to draw trouble.

  9. TO MJA
    From the Z Man link above:
    ” Mike Enoch has been lecturing people for weeks about the need to avoid violence and not bring weapons The organizers have developed a good relationship with the local police department so that the cops will protect the attendees from the Antifa. The cops spent most of Friday clearing weapons from the park that Antifa has been hiding there in advance of the rally.”

    And from

    “Antifa attacked the rally and the police declared it an unlawful assembly and ordered us to disperse. #UnitetheRight. We were prepared to engage in civil disobedience and be arrested. I was on a line with Baked Alaska, Spencer, Damigo, and a few others. The state police refused to arrest us. They assaulted us, knocked our guys down, and pepper sprayed us. The police pushed us into a hostile crowd of antifa. They wanted to create a violent situation. We had to battle our way out, I saw people bleeding and a lot of pepper spray casualties. I think we might have done too much winning last night and they decided we couldn’t be allowed to speak today. I await comment from ACLU.

    I don’t understand why the lesson of Berkeley with regards to the police didn’t register, but regardless, it should be eminently clear that peaceful protest by the Right will not be permitted.”

  10. Yep. McAuliffe has been throwing gasoline on the fire.
    Same deal in Richmond this week. First public hearing on statues on Monument Avenue, a stately and pricey tree lined boulevard that has several statues of confeds.
    First public meeting was contentious.

    All of obama’s divisive plans are reaching fever pitch.

  11. Bad Brad
    I don’t understand your point. Please clarify.

    Also, I was just about to respond to your earlier “they shoulda kicked out the neo nazi” remark: Antifa and the anarchists came SOLELY to cause violence…can’t say about any neo-nazis…though my bet is they were looking more for visibility and legitimization-by-association. Don’t blame the protest organizers for others who showed up.

  12. Czar – What a mess. If the peaceful ones showed up expecting the police to defend a small group from antifa and the blm, they are insane. And with Macauliffe around? LOL. No way.
    It would have been more productive to start a fight between the antifa and blm and just walked out of there. lol.

  13. Organgrinder – turned on Fox and the host said, ‘ there’s no reason to go there folks, you all need to go home.’ She wasn’t talking to anyone but her audience. I lasted about a minute.
    No news … just mothering. Had to find out what was going on from the internet.

  14. TO Bad Brad
    HAH HAH HAH!!! *So* true!

    TO MJA
    Except that the protesters were focused on the Stalinist removal/re-writing of history (statues). Yes, McAuliffe is an AHole. Yes, the city is a Leftist college sh!thole. That still doesn’t mean the Right “got what they deserved.”

  15. Zeal. When will they rename Lee Highway, Leesburg, Fort Lee, Fort A P Hill, the list is endless.

    Like I’ve said, once the anarchists have achieved removal of civil war mentions, they’ll move on to the founders, many of whom were slave holders.

  16. Not condoning it, but I think I understand it. For the past eight years the hard-working, over-taxed people in this country have had to put up with the rise of the Left, their “Victimization” of America and their attacks on the Common man by calling us Racists, Homophobes, iSlamophobes, Fascists, Dangerous, Deniers, Depolorables, Misogynists, Sexists, Domestic Terrorists and who knows what else while watching them fabricate story after story about all of the above (Furgeson, Baltimore, Russia) because it never happened in the first place! Hell they even invent new terms that never existed before, they’re now up to 51 genders (maybe we should just call them the Heinz generation), just to entrap somebody and create a situation!
    Once again I don’t condone the rioting, I think it’s awful, but maybe, just maybe it’s a little understandable that this is what will result from constantly picking at scabs and shoving Political Correctness down the throats of people who just want to see America be great again!

    An ya know whut else?
    The Left knows it too and wants chaos!

  17. I’m very glad my that daughter, son in law and my granddaughter no longer live in Virginia. Nashville is still safe for now I hope. Can’t both sides just let go of all the old animosities before another civil war erupts out of this chaos?

  18. Anarchists battling for territory. Antifa and Neo-Nazis are cut from the same communist cloth. The driver of that car will be affiliated with one or the other, or an opportunistic jihadi.

  19. ” Except that the protesters were focused on the Stalinist removal/re-writing of history (statues).”
    I agree with that part of their cause. There’s no reason for those statues to be taken down. No one needs to be clobbered if they’re doing something calmly, peacefully. But it was announced in advance, and the paid counter protestors came and because it’s lib-oriented attacks, the message is lost.

  20. Geoff. Most of Virginia looks the same way it did yesterday. The leftist cauldrons can be avoided by most.
    I don’t think I have been to Richmond for 3 months, for example.

  21. They keep bringing up David Duke, I’m sure he showed up for the publicity. It’s justifiable to condemn him, but lets not forget Al Sharpton was a regular at the White House.

  22. PHenry –
    They are pushing to rename Lee Hwy (29) and Jefferson Davis (route 1). They just ruled to rename a major HS. JEB Stuart HS will be renamed shortly.

  23. I know that most of Virginia as well as most of the country looks the same but all it takes is one violent event to be blown out of proportion by the leftist media with an agenda to promote this as being whitey’s fault. Cooler heads need to prevail before it gets worse.

  24. Can we just start calling antifa/BLM the Taliban or ISIS? Those are the last groups that I know of that destroyed historic relics in order to purge history and use extreme violence to intimidate.

    There is no discernible difference.

  25. Removing statues and destroying history is what ISIS does. Islam tore down hundreds of Buddha statues that weren’t bothering anyone, and ISIS is just continuing the savagery.
    Great minds think alike, eh?

  26. Fox News is atrocious today. Awful. Hosts and commentators are totally one-sided and of course, we know who they blame and who they state are blameless. Awful reporting. Biased bile.

  27. Here’s new one. Following this on a local TV’s FB page. Channel 3 out of Sacramento. Lib Central. Someone finally points out that the KKK was founded by Democrats. Some dumb ass professor from Davis posts that that’s not exactly true because at the turn of the century Republican Party and Democrat party switched names. And he’s got like 20 “Educators” backing that claim up.

  28. Does that explain why democrats enforced school segregation and opposed the civil rights act? Repub prez Eisenhower sent troops to enforce integration. Jim Crow? Robert Byrd the democrat grand kleagle of the KKK?
    That’s simply false.

  29. When leftists can’t win an argument – which is never, they resort to lies. There isn’t any historical proof Republicans and Democrats switched names. However, there is plenty of evidence Democrats have infiltrated the Republican party – RINOS.

  30. Brad – UCD should be reduced in size. Get rid of everyone not involved in horticulture. The place is a scurge. Those folks work hard and do great work. Get rid of the rest. Except the soccer, football and basketball teams, of course.

  31. It was only a matter of time. It’s not very nice but those old Alyinski tactics work both ways. The rest of us who are sane and reasonable should just sit back and let nazis and antifa loons destroy each other. There is no more peaceful assembly anymore. The world is way beyond that and on the brink of insanity.

  32. Several years ago I was working the county’s republican booth at a local tomato festival. The Dems had a booth, as did sons of confederate veterans, who were passing out free confederate flags.

    Some wiseass lib came up to my booth to ask if those flags were being issued by us. I said definitely not but he might want to check the democrat tent as they are the party of slavery, Jim Crow, kkk, segregation, etc.

    The pencil neck’s hands were shaking very badly and he couldn’t manage a response. He just slinked off. Defeated.

    He thought he was going to own me. I was in no mood to be nice about it.

  33. The Police Just Arrested Al Sharpton Who Was Driving, Jesse Jackson Was Riding Shotgun And Obama Was In The Back Seat Twisting A Fatty! Click On My Name To See Them Arrested In Cuffs On The Side Of The Road!

  34. Half of the trouble makers are from out of town. The other half are students from UVA, who temporarily live in Charlottesville. And they want to complain about a statue in a city park in a town that really means nothing to them.

    Give me a break.

  35. they know the license plate of the vehicle … they know that one victim is a 32-year old female that was just crossing the street .. they have the perp in custody
    … but they don’t/won’t have any information to release?

    this is almost as bad as election night when they wouldn’t post the results for over 6 hours …. starting to not pass the smell-test

  36. Charlottesville is to Virginia what Cuba is to the Americas… It’s an island of silly socialists surrounded by a sea of normal hardworking local folk who don’t have anything to do with this nonsense. The locals don’t appreciate the city council taking down statues and renaming parks, but they go the legal route, challenging their authority in court. Most of the people involved on both sides today are from way out of town and out of state. Me, I have enough sense to stay home on the far side of Afton Mountain, where we have as much common sense as we have sense of patriotism.

  37. I read that the car is registered in the guy’s father’s name. I saw his social media info., 10 minutes later it disappeared. Still don’t know if he was the driver or someone else. Wonder if the media will bury the story since he most likely is not on the right.

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