Caravan migrants break up to take work in Tijuana, Mexico

American Thinker:

In Tijuana, you often hear hard truths that no one would dare express here.  Get a load of this bit of jarring advice from a Tijuana man to a caravan migrant who was seeking a job in Tijuana as he waited out his asylum claim to the U.S.

“Don’t come here with the mentality of Honduras,” he said.  “This is a new country, a new state where you can change yourself if you want to.”

Cripes, what was that person talking about?  Was the Tijuana man suggesting that Hondurans are lazy?  I’ve never known any Latin American immigrants who had actual jobs who were lazy – not even Venezuelans, who are often derided as that by other Latin Americans.  The Honduran immigrants we know here in the U.S. who have jobs are famously hardworking.

What it actually suggests is that maybe the first aim of the caravan migrants wasn’t about finding work, but availing themselves of U.S. benefits, which was the original objection to the project all along from the Trump administration.  The big benefit banquet was pretty much all they were capable of assimilating into in the U.S., with the caravan’s advanced poverty, which meant that admitting them was to import poverty.  There are signs the migrants saw it that way, too – they came in with an entitlement mentality, according to the locals in TJ, and that was what drew the local protests.  The caravan organizers told them it would be so easy to get into America, and from there, the goodies would flow.  Human nature being what it is, they were frustrated when it didn’t come.  more here

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  1. They’ll lay low in TJ until the heat blows over and the military goes home. Then they’ll sneak over the border.

  2. @gin blossom — We still are, I think. It’s just that American Pravda (the media) don’t do stories anymore on American industriousness. It’s racist….or something.

    I remember learning for the first time that most of Europe takes the entire month of August off every year. I thought, “That explains a few things; mostly the difference between Americans’ and Europeans’ work ethic.”


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