Carbon credit scam exposed: carbon markets fail as CO₂ declines

Climate Depot:

Environmentalists and green bureaucrats have watched in shock as the coronavirus global shut down has now caused carbon credit markets to crash.

The European Union’s carbon credits price has fallen by 40% this year so far. This market was worth $215 billion last year, according to Bloomberg Environment. The price drop has rubbed out two years of EU carbon market gains.

It turns out that if there are extremely low levels of carbon dioxide emissions, as is the case currently with businesses and industries shuttered, the companies doing the carbon emitting don’t have to buy any carbon credits to make up for it.

And if no one is buying carbon credits to offset emissions, well, then the so-called “market” for carbon dies.

Wait a minute, isn’t the whole idea of these carbon credits to reduce CO₂ emissions; what climate campaigners refer to as horrible pollution?

As Luke Skywalker said when approaching the Death Star for the first time in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, “I have a very bad feeling about this.” more

15 Comments on Carbon credit scam exposed: carbon markets fail as CO₂ declines

  1. Maybe they should start selling them retail? I’m sure the newer, betterer, europeaner, residents are yearning to throw their own money at this.

  2. Damn… and I had paper bags FULL of… “carbon tax”… 😏… that I was gonna leave in my democrap officials doorsteps, & set on fire, before ringing the doorbell & walking away. 😝

  3. Faced with a crisis, we must ask WWOD?

    What would Obama do?

    He’d lower the CO2 threshold to require companies to continue to buy indulgences.

  4. You, TOO, can drive carbophobes into a fugue state or catatonia!

    Simply point out that soda (carbonated!) drinks, beer, sparkling wine/champagne, and smoking weed or hash releases the deadly CO2 pollutant into the atmosphere and this means they’re all gonna die and it’s their fault!

  5. Carbon Taxes: Still the biggest fraud ever perpetrated.
    Taxing the air trees need to produce oxygen & live.

    Lets see where it compares to the WHUFLU when it is all over and how it fits into the destruction of personal freedoms.

    Fuck Al Gore! Fat lisping thief.

  6. And in the next Chi-com virus pork spending bill, the commiecrats will be asking for a bailout for the carbon credit exchanges….
    You just can’t make this kind of stupidly up.

  7. Hahahahaha! They spent billions on literal hot air and have literally nothing to show for it. Imagine that. I hope to God only moronic greenies invested here and not my parent’s mutual broker…
    Scam from day 1.

  8. My dear departed Moma frequently opined that “… they will eventually tax the very air we breath!”
    I miss her.

  9. Time to roll out the “Solar Magnetosphere” Tax.

    You can purchase your “Solar Magnetosphere” credits C/O BFH – checks, cash, money orders, Pay Pal, Gold, Silver, Platinum, first born – hell, whatever – in multiples of $100, please (ounces if in metals, rnds if in ammo).

    Thanks, up front.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. From the day Al Gore declared himself “carbon neutral” I’ve said that the so-called “Carbon tax” just gives certain people the right to pay for the privilege to pollute. Kinda like a Permanent Seat License just gives you the “privilege” to buy a ticket to the show! The whole Green Movement is nothing but a giant Green Grab!


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