Carlson Plays a Past Don Lemon Clip That Would Have Him Fired Tomorrow

10 Comments on Carlson Plays a Past Don Lemon Clip That Would Have Him Fired Tomorrow

  1. People like Susan Rosenberg are the reason why we need a real and effective death penalty. She should have been dead decades ago. Without actual justice we are screwed.

  2. Everyone should read Bryan Burrough’s “Days Of Rage” to see the beginning of all that’s going on today.

  3. And all I am reading about is that Tucker called the taint-touching cakeboy Don Le Mon. F the media.

  4. Our “Catch and Release” justice system just doesn’t seem to do much to deter truly evil people such as Ms. Rosenberg. A quiet ceremony involving a single .22 round to the back of the head, followed by a 1 hour back-hoe rental, is a much more effective solution and seems eminently more practical for taxpayers.

  5. Billiebob Ayers of weathermen fame should have had the same treatment years ago but got off on a buttload of money donated and a “technicality”. And le mon is pronounced “shitlips”.

  6. The legal system in this country has been completely upended. It’s used to allow anarchists to walk free and to terrorize citizens into silent capitulation.
    Citizens lack the social communication assets to organize and push back. Any hint of that would bring the government crashing down on the “right wing extremists” found doing so.
    We will, little by little, be isolated and persecuted by organized government thugs. It’s already happening.


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