Carly Fiorina stood with Republican Establishment AGAINST CRUZ in 2013 government shutdown – Called TEA Party Extreme

Just when you think you’ve found a breath of fresh air, there’s inevitably a revealing whiff of cautionary stench in it.

carly fiorina

TheRightScoop:  Back during the government shutdown of 2013, Carly Fiorina told CNN’s The Lead that she felt badly for Boehner and blamed the shutdown on Ted Cruz and Obama:

Everybody could see this train wreck coming. I actually feel badly for John Boehner. I think this is Ted Cruz and President Obama’s shutdown. I think Ted Cruz’s tactics were wrong.

There’s no honor in charging a hill that you know you can’t take, only casualties, although Ted Cruz maybe got name recognition and money along the way. But President Obama wanted this shutdown. And Ted Cruz played right into his hands.

She correctly noted that Obama’s refusal to negotiate led to the shutdown, but said that when Obama publicly refuses over and over to negotiate, he empowers the ‘flamethrowers’.

Carly defended calling it Ted Cruz’s shutdown later in the interview in response to Tapper noting that most Republicans in both the Senate and the House don’t want the government shutdown:

“That’s why I called it Ted Cruz’s shutdown as well as president Obama’s”

Tapper then noted that Republicans are afraid of the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party. Then Fiorina responded:

Look, John Boehner – the reason I said he has a very difficult task is John Boehner is trying to hold the caucus together. And yet there are elements of his caucus that are much more extreme than other elements of the caucus.”


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  1. I read her report at Conservative Review and it ain’t pretty. She believes in AGW, wants cap & trade, won’t say says against amnesty, says we don’t need to change the anchor baby/birthright bullshit, believes we need to spend/borrow even more money for the education bureaucracy and a host of other….ahem less then conservative principles.

    Yeah she’s been good attacking Hillary and chewing off Matthews at the knees but do we really want some one that thinks cap & trade will increase energy production, lower unemployment and help battle the evils of CO2? And her squishy immigration policy? That right there is horse shit.

    But but MM, Trump said blahblahblah 10 years ago or even 2 years ago and he had the Clintons at his wedding. I don’t care. RIGHT NOW he is addressing in no uncertain terms the issues that need to be taken on if we’re going to stop this REgressive nightmare. Cruz even more so and he’s been solid on top of his words.

    To me, these 2 men are where we should focus our energy.

    And the more I think about the fucking assassination FOX attempted on Trump, the more pissed I get. Trump will have had this weekend to mull it over, I wonder how he’ll respond this week.

  2. She’s for DREAM. Thinks there is scientific consensus that climate change is real and caused by humans &, like Yeb, supports Common Core.

    Like we need another RINO – especially one that sides with the hysterical Megyn Kelly’s attempted public castration.

  3. Gosh. We have to trust Trump on his current word, but we must weigh Carly on her past words? Even though Trump has a way longer history of comparable problems? Why doesn’t Carly enjoy this Trump math?

    Look. I’m gonna vote for whomever survives the nomination and opposes the Dhimmicrat. You kids go and have fun, but some of us might like to see a little consistency along the way.

  4. Carly’s Reagan Library speech was phenomenal. But even Mitch McConnell and John McCain know how to talk the talk when they’re running for election. Then, they get back to DC and revert to their RINO selves. Knowing Carly took this position prior to deciding to run for the Republican nomination is deeply concerning and may very well be enough to put her permanently in my NO pile.

  5. Trump is a bombastic, bloviating blowhard but a bloviating winner beats the sickening, mewling, supplicating manlet losers that make up the majority of the RINO stable of wannabees. At least the man has blood in his veins, a fire in his belly & the balls to stand up there & take the heat he knows he is going to get from all sides.

    I don’t know if he’d make a good President but I do know he’s changed the political dynamic & that’s, at the very least, a hopeful breath of fresh air.

  6. Agree. Control of Congress achieved nothing. Gaining the Presidency would add nothing.
    Not participating anymore. I’ll vote local and state but not national.

  7. Focus people.

    Read the bullpen story over at Conservative Review by Sundance and then lets hear more idiocy ala mrimmortalfish who will vote for whatever Republican(Bush) the CofC tells us who to vote for. This whole primary, with these candidates that have NO FUCKING CHANCE is being engineered to get Bush the nomination.

    Remember early on when he said he wouldn’t even bother going after the conservative base’s vote? Hmmm. Well it’s all laid out exactly why he just doesn’t care WTF conservatives want.

    And Lord, even Cruz gave $500,000 to Carly! WTF is that about?

    The part about how Citizen’s United freeing up millions from wealthy donors and corporations has essentially made our small individual donations nothing more then window dressing is especially depressing. What we have are just a handful of people supporting their pick. Try and tell me they’re not going to be coming back for a favor or two.

    Trump is the only one outside of this political circus and he’s directly addressed changes he will make to right the country. And people are quibbling about something he said years ago? Sorry, that does’t matter to me. He can finance his own campaign and that’s EXACTLY why the word went out that he must be taken down. Fuck Megan Kelly and FOX-I thought Brier was a straight shooter, man do i feel stupid.

    Shit, the guy isn’t even my first choice but I’m talking myself into supporting him. The question looming for me is will he pull a McConnell, get elected and “discover” we don’t really need a border fence or that these illegals really are here for love?

    I don’t think so.

  8. If you ever saw her in the McCain’08 days and during her failed senate bid in CA, you’d wonder if she had been kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army and brainwashed for six months. It was total a 180.

  9. I think Ted Cruz is the only candidate that won’t let me down.
    They all do it at some point.
    I feel it is just a matter of time before Trump drops out.
    I like his candor but doubt his staying power or his desire to see this through.

    I still think it will ultimately be a Walker/Rubio ticket.

  10. Oh noes! Voting for Cruz would be idiocy! MM said he gave Carly $500k! And who doesn’t take their voting direction from a stranger in a message forum an entire year out before the primary? I do, that’s who!

  11. Who cares if Trump has a chance? He’s saying what we want to hear. We’re not just talking about the future of the republican party, but of our country. Immigration is THE issue, With continued immigration, legal and illegal, Democrats will have a virtual lock on all future presidencies and SCOTUS nominations.

    More LEGAL immigrants have entered the US since 2009 than jobs created. Therefore they can’t be coming here to work. The current administration is not just cranking out green cards at a furious pace, but naturalization numbers also. So they can vote legally at least once in the 2016 election. And we know the illegals vote anyway since voter ID laws are struck down and nobody verifies whether their drivers license is valid at the polls.

    Hold your nose and vote for Jeb if you want, refuse to participate if you want. But we have been warned. For as much as I distrust Ann “Chris Cripsycreme” Coulter, she’s at least right on this issue. And so is Trump. Consider yourselves warned.

  12. Standby: Fiorina to play this off as any candidate would with the notable “My views have evolved”. Yeah, sure and whatever. We see what happens with evolved views from people with aspirations to the office of the presidency.

  13. Never mind that, I think her action at HP’s ceo purchase of Compaq Computer was a disaster. I’ve never seen a company built so well disintegrate that fast. Talk about a fucking disaster for quality….

    As much as I like women, when they enter politics, they react poorly to political pressure. The only one that stood up against the establishment was Michelle Bachman and she wasn’t ready for prime time either. We desperately need someone like myself that cherishes liberty for all, espouses it but willing to put the entire establishment of both parties in prison.

  14. I worked for and voted Romney and I had my head up my ass, just like you, towards anyone that would dare sit on their hands and let Obama get reelected.

    No more.

    I want at least a few of my values truly represented by the candidate I vote for. Is that asking too much? You’re content to continue the Drive to Nightmare City, only in the slow lane.

    I am done with that shit. Either we Constitutional conservatives get someone that will speak for us or fuck it pal, lets get to TSHTF part of this dance.

  15. If you bothered to read the article pal, you’d see the proof of Cruz’s contribution to Carly. Seeing as how he’s my guy, yeah, I’m a little bewildered.

    But being the master chess player you are, you’re 20 moves ahead of the rest of us morons.

    You sound like a self righteous prick

  16. That’s exactly what the RNC expects us to do. They use the you better vote for the Republican or else you get a Democrat. So people do one of two things, vote the squish or stay home. That’s how we ended up with Chicago Jesus and Billy Bob twice. Moral of the story is: Watch who the MSM say they are the most afraid of and voila, there’s your Republican nominee That’s how they baited the idiots at the RNC to give the nod to McLame and Rmoney.

  17. Big difference between Trump and Fiorina. If ANY real conservative (not the opportunist kind who has co-opted the TP talking points) was a breakout frontrunner in the double digits, Trump wouldn’t even be in this race. He knows that with just one more 8 year administration of a Progtard regime, his empire is in serious jeopardy. Fiorina, on the other hand, has been convinced by the GOP that she *must* run because she’s just *that good*. She’s a political opportunist of the worst stripe. The only reason she’s running on the GOP ticket is because the ‘Rats didn’t get to her first. The GOP needed a token woman in the race and she is “clean and articulate.”

  18. I can simplify: they all suck, they are all lying, every word they utter is scripted bullshit. There is no one real to choose from.
    The election is fantasy. The next ruler was chosen long ago.

  19. The person who lost an election for Senate is the perfect GOP choice to run for president. She is paid by the RNC to run so that Hillary can’t claim ‘war on women’. She is good at attacks but that is about it.

  20. @mrimmortalfish — With all due respect, your view of what is going down right now is precisely the thinking that the GOP (and the DNC … and the Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street, et al) have orchestrated for you to think. It’s the old Statue of Liberty play — Bush is the ultimate head fake, a false flag. And now he’s being trumpeted as the “most conservative.” Most of the time I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at these antics, but right now — when I read comments like yours — I wish it was 1980 again.

  21. Oh, poor baby Carly now she is publicly and loudly lamenting all the times that wicked and unsavory men pilloried her in the public square because she had menstrual cycles! Man, that tired old canard has been beaten to death. War on woman bah more like a war on our ears and senses to keep hearing how picked on and downtrodden woman are in this country. If there were a contest on who stereotypes men or woman more woman would win hands down. Shut up you smug witch and go claim all your free birth control and free woman’s health benefits. Because only woman have health issues!

  22. @MM — Legally, Cruz has no control over his superpacs. If he were caught doing that he would be in serious trouble with the FEC and probably have to drop out. Cruz had nothing to do with the disbursement, so the writer at the WAPO intentionally planted the idea of bad faith on Cruz, which is wholly ridiculous because Cruz isn’t going to invite an investigation from the FEC. WAPO’s sleazy writing/editing counted on readers’ ignorance regarding superpac law.

    Why would a Cruz-supporting superpac give $500K to Fiorina? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe those superpac geniuses saw the Establishment’s Howdy Doody show barreling down the tracks and decided it would be better to put Fiorina in their pocket. Who knows? Just don’t be bewildered by it — Cruz didn’t make any decision about the transfer himself. He can’t.

  23. Well, the power brokers seem to be winning. They can’t make Trump go away so they have made it all about him. No more talk of Illegal immigration, political correctness, bloated government, RINO’ shenanigan’s, demo failures or other more important and essential topics. Let’s get back on task and leave that woman’s body alone!

  24. I like listening to Carly. She is as open as trump. But who is paying her freight? Trump is beholden to no one, but what about Carly? I hope she influences the direction this country goes, but, and I hesitate to say this, she has no balls. That’s not sexist, I’m talking about the ability to to Khameni “Go fuck yourself, you seventh century barbarian”
    Trump will do that, if we have any defenses left after Jug Ears gets done with America. That little shit has driven almost every warrior we have out of the armed forces.
    I don’t think even Karl rove knows what a lying asshole he is, or the extent of the anger in this country. Trump knows.

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