Carnac Says…

ht/ irony curtain

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  1. California to ban use of all Ham radio repeaters – One more reason to shut off the federal spigot to CA! Maybe if it starts costing them real revenue to pull their Liberal, Communistic stunts they’ll think twice about it!

  2. A civil late night host,unlike today’s jerks.
    We have been watching his old shows and the hosts today would be wise to watch him to see how it should be done.
    He was the best and treated every guest with respect.
    And we all know Epstein did not hang himself.

  3. My favorite Carnac answer/question (circa 1970 or thereabouts):

    “Gladly the Cross I’d Bear.”

    “Who replaced Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion on television?”


  4. My favorite Carnac was this one:

    A home run. A triple
    A catcher’s glove. A First baseman’s glove.
    Dolly Parton.

    Name two big hits, two big mitts and a country western singer.

  5. Carson was noted for his momologues but I thought his second segment where he interacted with McMahon and did things like “Carnac” was even better

    McMahon was greatly under appreciated as a straight man. He made Carson even funnier. Carson would reach new heights of comedy simply to make Ed laugh

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