Carpe Donktum’s Response to the ImVotingForJoe Video

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  1. A Navy SEAL for 26 years? That would make him at least 44 assuming he became a SEAL right after he joined The Navy at 18, but don’t people have to prove themselves first before they can try to become a SEAL?

    Even if that were possible, would a 44 year old have the stamina it takes to be a SEAL?

    And an evangelical Christian is going to vote for someone who supports abortion?

    The voices on that ad sound more like they are from Central Casting rather than from the political right.

  2. It’s the Biden campaign’s response to #WalkAway and #Blexit. Both orgs have been going strong for over a year.

    None of those actors are voting for Joe Biden. Trust me. They won’t vote for Trump, but they won’t be voting for Joe, either,because they don’t want to answer the question, “who did you vote for in ’20?”

  3. *ahem*

    Any person who calls themselves an ‘evangelical Christian’ or refers to Christians as ‘evangelical’ is automatically a leftist and also not a Christian.

    Thank you for your time.
    *sip* ☕😑

  4. If you type in it takes you to Joe Biden’s website. takes you to Black Voices for Trump website. That’s some expert level trolling right there.


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