Carr: Lieawatha can’t seem to get facts straight

Howie Carr/ Boston Herald: Is the fake Indian from the state of Massachusetts, or a state of confusion?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is lucky the debates are over, because she’s been exposed as terminally confused about one subject after another — either befuddled or totally ignorant.

For instance, at the Ch. 5 debate the other night, she was asked about the recent ethics complaint that has been filed against her for fundraising before the Supreme Court confirmation vote on Brett Kavanaugh.

Even though the story has been all over the internet, the fake Indian claimed that she knew nothing about any filings with the Senate Ethics Committee.

“Ah, ah actually, I do not know — ”

Oh, the complaint has been filed, Lieawatha. You’re not supposed to dangle a future vote in front of potential contributors. It’s a bad look. Pay to play, it’s sometimes called.

“Then I will — I will check into it but I don’t know.”

This has been a recurring theme, checking into it, all the way back to her first run for the Senate in 2012. She gets called out on something and responds with that vacant, deer-in-the-headlights look like she had at the debate in Needham.

In a debate, GOP opponent Geoff Diehl asked her about the great recession of 2008-09 at Harvard, and how she refused to take a pay cut to save the jobs of lower-paid Harvard employees or even to sign a petition to save jobs.

“I have no idea what he’s talking about,” she said.

She likewise had no idea what she was talking about when she mentioned the town of “Bern,” by which she apparently meant Bourne. But then in 2012, she once mentioned her visit to “the west coast of Massachusetts.”

Confusion is her stock in trade. Contributing to a Native American cookbook, she confused a French haute cuisine recipe from The New York Times — cold crab omelet — for a tribal recipe from her Indian ancestors, which as we now know she doesn’t have any of.

On her 2014 income tax form, she got confused over how much of a deduction she should take for donating used clothes to charities. She put down $50,000 but that was an “entry error.” Confusing, no?  more here

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  1. The house Obama built – incompetent Obama, criminal Clinton, woman-abusing Spartacus, and lying Pocahontas. LMFAO.

  2. Ha ha ha! The Left has quite simply devolved into sheer buffoonery! These people are coming to us from WAY out there in LEFT field! A party…in America…has embraced Stalinism, en masse, and they think there’s going to be a tsunami of an election! Staggering! They are delusional.


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