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Carson wants everyone to play fair during debates

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NYP—WASHINGTON – Dr. Ben Carson provided more specifics about his push for more civilized debates, convening a summit Sunday with other campaigns to add muscle to the candidates’ movement.

“I would like to see us be able to have a substantial opening statement, at least a minute, a substantial closing statement, at least a minute, and I would like to see tighter guidelines in terms of people when they respond to questions,” Carson outlined on ABC’s “This Week.”

“Some people pretty much ignore the time constraints, while others are very careful to stay within them and I think that creates inequality.”  more here

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  1. BULLSHIT! I think they should be FULL CONTACT and it could be moderated by MMA Referee’s! Now that would be entertaining!

  2. This is why Hillary would destroy him in the debates. He’s too nice.
    Trump would reduce Hillary to quivering shit in a debate.
    Best thing President Trump can offer Carson (if not VP) is Surgeon General.

  3. Carson is right. If you actually want to have an idea what the candidates really stand for then give them a chance to speak without being spoken over. Having 10 people on stage in a debate is nuts especially if a couple just ignore the rules and run over everyone else. Set the guidelines now and use them. Hell, you could actually create time count penalties for those candidates that go over their allotted time. This isn’t a cage match, it’s a Presidential Candidate Debate. Use the internet as well as the networks to broadcast and if the networks balk at that then f*ck them, use the internet alone as I’m pretty sure if bucks were a problem selling a few banner ads would be pretty easy to pay for bandwidth. When you get to the Presidential Debates use the same rules. If the Dems don’t want to play by the rules then buy network time (5 minutes at a time) as well as Internet bandwidth to hold debates where a picture of Hillary (or whoever is the nominee) as a stand in and use audio quotes of her to answer questions. At this point I’m beginning to think that Trump may be the best one to win and maybe govern but I have to say I still don’t really trust him not to turn out to be an empty bag.

    Of course, I shouldn’t comment on this as we just elected a socialist lite half wit as our Prime Minister and I’m not speaking to half my family now 🙂

  4. “Best thing President Trump can offer Carson (if not VP) is Surgeon General.”

    Well if Trump did that, Carson would take meat off every table, no more bacon, pork chops, shrimp, fish especially unclean fish, and everyone would become a vegetarian like most 7th day Adventist. If anyone thinks the Mooche has already done a number on diets, she couldn’t hold a candle to what Carson would do.

  5. Human-ness; It’s just going to happen!
    So in a “perrfect” setting, each one would be isolated in their respective rooms on a time budget or be cutoff. But that would take the balls out of the fire.

  6. I haven’t watched presidential debates since I was a child watch Bill Buckley give Gore Vidal pure hell!

    Why? Because we aren’t trying to hire a debater. I don’t give two shits how quick someone is with a retort, I want someone who studies the question at hand and then makes a well thought out decision. But a decision none the less.

  7. Maybe, but at least he’d walk the talk. Mooch wants us to eat kale while she scarfs down Wagon burgers, fries, caviar, and lobsters.

  8. Um, how about making the fucking MODERATORS follow some rules, to wit:

    1. The moderator will ask the candidate questions ONLY. He will not argue with the candidate or refuse to accept his answer. The moderator may ask the candidate to clarify any point he’s made, and give him extra time to do so.

    2. Moderator may ask the same question of more than one candidate, but shall NOT pit candidates against each other by asking B what he thinks of A’s answer to the same question.

    3. Moderator will ask the question in a clear, neutral fashion. Moderator will NOT frame the question in such a way as to make negative inferences about the candidate.

    4. If Moderator cannot follow these simple rules, he should STFU, go home, and watch the debate on TV.

  9. In real debate their are no moderators. It makes me smile to think about it. I wonder who would get physical first? I wonder who would start whining first?

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