Cassidy Hutchinson texts from February call the January 6 sham committee “BS” – IOTW Report

Cassidy Hutchinson texts from February call the January 6 sham committee “BS”

Pacific Pundit: Cassidy Hutchinson, better known as Hearsay Hutchinson wasn’t always a fan of the January 6 “unselect” committee and their shenanigans. Apparently she got caught up in it in February, after getting served by the US Marshal’s office. She called it BS. I’m starting to wonder if the whole Hearsay Hutchinson BS appearance that the media completely lost their shit over was in order to get her immunity or something. more

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  1. I don’t know. She has a great future in stuff that, you know, requires like thinking.

  2. I always thought hearsay was inadmissible in court.
    But if the the whole trial is a lie, what’s a little hearsay.
    I heard Joe Biden shits his pants, is that admissible then?

  3. Well well well…young Cassidy got Fed-groomed for the Greatest Show-trial on Earth.

    I guess that hug from Liz Cheney was an example of “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”

    What gaudy trinket did they give you for your service, Cashidy? Hope it was worth it.

  4. “I heard Joe Biden shits his pants, is that admissible then?”

    Well, Joe Biden said words to the effect of “My butt’s been wiped!”

  5. She’s another Cindy Sheehan. Remember her? Traveled all over to denounce Bush, was on every newscast until she made the fatal mistake and denounced Obama. Then it was Cindy Who?
    Give Cassidy time to develop her self-importance, to actually believe that people care what she has to say.
    Than, it will be over for her.

  6. None of her lies are being reported on MSM. In fact all you hear is how credible she is. Now they’re saying more witnesses are coming forward due to her bravery. Liz Cheney is now say multiple charges will be filed against Trump. THESE PEOPLE ARE TALKING THEMSELVES INTO DOING SOMETHING REALLY STUPID. They need to charge him to keep him from running. They are scared to death of him and will go to any lengths to keep him out of office. I think there’s a good possibility that when they finally do arrest Trump is when the Tree Of Liberty starts getting watered.

  7. What we are watching here is a well financed propaganda campaign… paid for with our tax dollars! They know it is all a lie, but Truth was murdered and thrown in the dumpster years ago. They just keep hammering away at Donald Trump time and time again with lie after lie in hopes to convert a few more people each time with unlimited funds and with the assistance of the Media it is promoted on their platforms. I don’t know how effective it really is, but as they say: If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. We’ve been watching the birth of Communism for about 40 – 50 years or so and with each generation it has become more acceptable. I think we approaching the breaking point where it could all boomerang back on them!


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