Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum

21 Comments on Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum

  1. Poison, in my ground, not on your life.
    I use boiling water and a 2′ piece of 2″ PVC, for a funnel.
    Place the pipe about 6″ into the mound, wait a couple of days so they incorporate it.
    It provides instant gratification.
    They don’t move, just pile up the carcasses, “Bring out your dead.”.
    If you get the queen, it dies, if you didn’t, a return performance is called for.
    I hate fire ants.

  2. Cool!
    Now do that to all of them.
    One of the best things about all the rain we’ve been having is it makes it easier to seek & destroy.

  3. MJA, Thank you! That was very interesting and although I thought he was be an artist (think sand candles) I had NO idea the beauty he would produce. Just fantastic.

  4. Highly entertaining video, MJA, thanks!

    FYI: At approximately 31 cans to the pound, that’s roughly 23 cases (of beer, of course, or 555 cans) to get the raw materials for that 17.9 lb. casting.

  5. Ants are like bureaucracies. Take simple units running simple programs and assemble enough of them, and you get a much more complex emergent organism. It behaves solely in the interest of its collective survival and growth, and is virtually impossible to eradicate.

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