Castro Fan Karen Bass Vetted for Biden VP

Los Angeles Democrat seeks “new path of support and collaboration” with Communist Cuban regime.

“Congresswoman Karen Bass, chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, is undergoing vetting as a candidate to be Joe Biden’s running mate,” Bo Erickson of CBS News reported on June 24.

In March, the five-term Los Angeles Democrat endorsed Biden for president, but even some Democrats were troubled by one of Bass’s previous endorsements.

18 Comments on Castro Fan Karen Bass Vetted for Biden VP

  1. The new democrat requirement is anyone considered must have at least one negro on the ticket.

  2. Could his campaign be any more of a shitshow? Just imagine if he did win with this crunt as VP.

    We could bend over and kiss our collective asses adios.

    I imagine with her credentials they think they’ll p/u some BernBots.

  3. Being realistic about it, and after many decades of observation to form my views, it really doesn’t make any difference who is elected. We will end up in the same place either way.

    Who’s going to lead us to that place is all that elections decide, not where we are going or where we end up being.

  4. BidenBass…That’ll look great on a bumper sticker.

    And she might help Joe in his long-shot effort to win California. Right, Kamala? You’d better get one of those things that Odin 2013 is talking about.

  5. This is the last presidential election they will be looking to add a Negro to the ticket! In the future they will never add a white man to the ticket!

  6. JB VP Is like taking fourth place in a race, nobody cares. There is nothing bungling Joe can do to increase his very small chances.

  7. A black revolutionary Marxist communist to take over the presidency when Biden steps down due to health concerns. It may sound like I’m being paranoid to some but if those scumbag democrats win 2020 they will consolidate power the same way the communists did in Venezuela and we’re going to have the Cuban, Russian, and Chinese militaries and intelligence units here on our shores helping the communists consolidate power with ruthless barbaric force.

    This election is a matter of life or death. Don’t even think it can’t happen here.

  8. Damn, reeling that horrid creature up to the boat would cause you to immediately cut your line, don’t want THAT in the boat.

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