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Cat-Calling may earn you a hefty fine in France

Dangerous:Politicians in France have suggested a draft proposal to combat “sexual contempt” by fining men up to €350 for harassing women in public.

The report suggests taking measures against men who “violate women’s freedom of movement in public space” by making “loud and lewd comments about women, follow them, or block their path.”

The draft proposal comes from a parliamentary group launched by France’s Secretary of State Marlene Schiappa, who is in charge of gender equality. The proposal suggests that offenders should face a minimum fixed fine of €90 to those who pay on-the-spot, €200 if paid within 15 days and a maximum of €350 fined if payment is late.

Schiappa launched the idea of combatting street harassment by addressing the “gray zone between consented seduction and sexual aggression,” back in September.

Though it was initially reported by Russia Today that wolf-whistling would be categorized as a fineable offense, the latest report has no mention of it.  read more

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  1. “consented seduction” So French courtship will be less like American baseball—striking out if you fail to get the girl—and more like traffic court

  2. meanwhile muslimes (as mentioned above already) are asked to implement sharia sex and man-boy love in order to prevent instances such as these from occurring.

  3. Among other shortcomings the left doesn’t suffer from a sense of proportion.
    They’ve allowed their country to sink into a sewer like existence and they worry about catcalls.
    Sorry Europe but we ain’t going to bail you out this time.

  4. Invaders [muslims] come in, take your shit and then try to replace you. That used to be a cause to fight back, not oppress your own society. It’s war. Like it or not, you’re in a war. Accept it.

  5. Don’t cat call us as we find it very demeaning. Now excuse me while I put on my pussy hat and vagina costume.

  6. They could just deport the muslims without any fanfare. Why does everyone feel the need to go announcing what they’re doing? Just do it. When someone catches on, don’t answer the questions. It’s your right as a nation to kick people out who don’t belong there.

  7. You all know about speed traps used to enhance the local government budget now they can have pussy calling traps used to enhance the local budget! If they want to stay in the black, however, they should not hire H. Clinton, Maxi-pad Waters, or most liberal females to do the sultry patrol!

  8. Dang. What fun will it be to visit France, now? Rape ok; cat calls and probably whistling, criminal.

    What’s next, Italian men can no longer freely pinch female butts?

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