Cat Killer Gets 16 Years in Prison (That’s 74 Years in Cat Years)

Californian, Robert Farmer (age 24 or 26) was sentenced on Friday after pleading guilty back in October to “20 counts of felony animal cruelty, one count attempted feline animal cruelty, one count of simple battery and one count of using or being under the influence of a controlled substance.” The judge gave him the maximum penalty of 16 years, but Farmer was able to avoid having to register as a sex offender.


I could understand mandatory psychiatric care, but that jail time seems excessive. 




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  1. Nah, the jail time probably is not enough. This guy is working himself up the sadistic ladder. Women and children would be next. ….Lady in Red

  2. Ah, cats don’t matter, suffer, in your world, Plantsman? How do you feel about torturing dogs? ….Lady in Red

  3. Aa soon as I read what he was not charged with, I decided to skip the details behind the crimes he was charged this.

    A concept for a CNN gif just came into my head.

  4. Take a Look at this Photo, and You Ladies can See Why Single Males Immediately Flee The Cat Women ! You know She Has Placemats with the Cat’s Faces on them ! The Sweater’s a Given , 2 sizes Larger to Make Sure we all see Muffy in Lifelike Size !

  5. Lady in Red- I agree with you.
    It is common for serial killers to begin with animal abuse, and often in childhood. I had a cat for 23 years, and knowing he could never be replaced, have not had another. It is dogs around here.
    I wrote a paper once about animal abuse and its relationship to domestic abuse. Sometimes, women will not flee, if they feel their pets would be harmed in retaliation. Police around here now secure all pets when responding to domestic abuse calls.
    Put him in a cell with charlie m.

  6. My cat is WAY more valuable to me than most people, especially those of the parasitical persuasion. Sixteen years wouldn’t be enough if they harmed a hair on his head.

  7. That Blonde With the Over sized Purse… Smuggling at Least 3 Cats in There !
    It’s Like a Christmas Stocking for My Chocolate Lab !!!

  8. 🔵 Flat-Out Ridiculous 🔵
    It will cost us $800,000 to feed / house this guy for 16 years! We coulda bought all these crazies like over a million cats for that much money!

    The most INSANE people are the animal activists. Michael Vick abused dogs, and those people wanted him to suffer worse than the dogs. Is THAT also cruel?


    We don’t give “murder” sentences higher for animals than humans.

    Cruelty charges should be misdemeanors with psychiatric counseling. Not 16 friggin’ years in prison over some damn CATS!

  9. Excellent point, Big Pat! *I* support the death penalty for *anyone* we don’t want as part of this society. Why feed him? I wouldn’t.

    Will he move up from cat torture and murder to….? I don’t know, but, frankly, I wouldn’t want him living next door to find out just how bad he’s going to get. …. little eight year old girl down the block gets raped and murdered. Nah, I don’t want to wait. This guy is a societal problem — today.

    We’ve enough problems in America and too little money to fix the roads and pay down the debt. I vote for a killing injection. ….Lady in Red

  10. Look at his face. This guy is dangerous to all life forms. If he had not been stopped it would be kids next most likely. You can just about see the evil on him.
    That’s the point.
    I don’t think he should ever get out. He is too dangerous.

  11. What do you charge a person who destroys a litter of unwanted puppies or kittens? On the one hand no pet owners have become attached to the animals and technically they belong to the owner of the animal that had the litter.

    On the other hand you have cute little puppies or kitties having their lives ended and the owner choosing to put them down himself rather than take them to a shelter to have them eventually do it.

    How long behind bars for making that decision?

    Does jail time seem appropriate for a farmer who can’t take care of or find a home for the excess cats and dogs that are dropped off at his place of business by owners who assume he will be able to take them in?

  12. All this judge has done is kicked the can 26 years down the road. If this guy is released all hell will break loose. He should be senr to Atascadero, where there is a Psychiatric Prison.
    This “judge” needs some mental health counseling, also.

  13. Dr Tar….. We are talking about a man who tortured and murdered over twenty cats. That’s not casual. He was found sleeping in his car beside a dead cat.

    Frankly, for me, *I* don’t much care if he’s insane. I don’t much want to see him out and about in society to find out, after the fact, how much sicker he can get. I’m with Super Pat: it’s too expensive to house him. I vote for death.
    ….Lady in Red

  14. He wasn’t just abusing cats, he was rape raping them.

    He belongs in a mental institution housed inside a prison. For a very long time. Who knows, maybe it’ll send a message to the goat fuckers.

  15. i remember quite a few years ago, a woman in California was mauled by a cougar and eventually died from her injuries, leaving a family behind. The cat was found and destroyed, leaving behind some cubs. More donation money was received for the cougar cubs than the human children. That is a society with seriously misplaced priorities. Cats, wild or domestic are not humans, no mater how much someone loves them.

  16. It’s comforting to know that, at least in California, citizenship is still valued.

    Citizenship earns one the maximum sentence allowed. On all proven charges. And years of special attention after time served.

    Foreign vagrants have their crimes scoffed at. Reduced to misdemeanors. To be released into the wind. Before even having the opportunity to be locked away.

  17. Don’t give the asshole jail time.
    Commit his ass to a mental institution for the rest of his days.
    I would rather see him drugged to the eyeballs and unable to tie his shoes than in the prison population.

  18. @Anon ~ glad to see Kalipornia has it’s priorities straight
    …. & I’m having a real tough time picturing ‘cat rape’

    please, I don’t need descriptions or details, thank you

  19. @Lady in Red

    Denying a person their freedom or life is a serious matter. That’s why we leave it to our legal system and allow plenty of room for appeals.

    I’m not defending what Farmer did, it’s deeply disturbing. I do question whether sentencing a person to 16 years in prison is the best answer for the crime of killing and possibly sexually assaulting a number of cats. Will he be less likely to commit worse acts once he’s released in 2033?

    Was Farmer given a psychiatric evaluation? Was there any expert on the criminally insane involved at all in this case? If so was any of it used in court to determine his sentencing?

    Perhaps Farmer and his lawyer wanted to avoid it for free he may be institutionalized for a longer time and the prosecutor wanted to make sure he serve hard time not get sent off to some mental health facility (if any still exist).

    Perhaps I’m too set in my mind that pets are fundamentally property of the owner and are not granted the same status or rights as humans. Perhaps I’m not certain enough with the evilness of this individual. I still find it inappropriate to hand down an extended jail sentence based on the fact that the person MIGHT someday take up killing people because other deranged killers have done so in the past. Another person’s past, to me, is not a predictor of what another individual will do during his or her life time. At least not enough to put that person away behind bars for a good portion of his or her life.

    I’m all for Farmer to be evaluated, observed, counselled, and even incarcerated in a mental health facility as experts deem necessary or his actions dictate, but tossing a sick individual in jail and expect positive outcomes for society seems absurd.

  20. What he did was cruel, psychotic and deserves some grave punishment but not 16 years. He needs something like a 5 year, 80% serve with psychiatric care every day along with group therapy and a release rider that has him see a shrink monthly for a few years. By the by, I have an older trusting dog and if this guy did something to her my opinion would be the same. The difference would be that me and a few friends would give this creep the tune-up of his life before he went in the slam. The other thing to remember that the state keeps letting people out because of overcrowding so if this guy is in for so long it’s probably a bet somebody else will get out that hurt people. Anyway, I understand the points of view of everyone on this painful event. I’ll bet he won’t have a very pleasent time in the slam in any event.

  21. Dr. Tar….. I know: I fell off the PC boat years ago and my positions on the death penalty and housing folk we don’t want — ever — back in society are a tad extreme. I admit it.

    At the same time, given the fact that there are a lot of hard working old people living in drafty, crummy apartments after working hard a lifetime with only $600 SS and a half can of dogfood to get them by, I think that three squares and free medical care and….. for this guy is money misspent.

    Your position is noble, but a tad prissy in my mind. Your point about animals — pets — is beside my point: this man is *very* dangerous and I’m kinda unwilling to spin the wheel of fortune to find out how much worse he can become.

    I do understand, however: you have the majority opinion.
    ….Lady in Red

  22. Anyone that could intentional harm, torture and kill an animal for pleasure belongs in jail for as long as the law will allow.
    It’s not the value of the animal compared to humans that is important. It’s the value of the human that could perform such an act.
    And that value is nil, nothing, nada.

  23. Tar, you’re trying to draw an analogy between people who have to make difficult, adult, humane and practical decisions to a guy that gets off on and takes pleasure with killing innocent animals, animals that are very high on the chart when it comes to expressing emotion.

    It’s apples and oranges.
    This guy is a monster.

  24. “Anyone that could intentional harm, torture and kill an animal for pleasure ”

    Where did you get it was for pleasure? I know a couple classic car collectors up in the foothills that will exterminate any feral cat they see. Cat’s will ruin your 10K pint job.

    I’m torn on this one. I see Tars point but I also know most serial killers start by killing animals. If it was a Muslim Mother that threw her kid out of a 12 story apartment building he would have gotten off with probation. Current story, just happened. Not a cat person but don’t enjoy the senseless death of any animal.

  25. 100% with Lady in Red.
    If I ever get cancer again I have decided to skip the treatment and spend my time, one way or another, eliminating sub-human filth who do this to animals and children.
    Having done some form of volunteer animal rescue/shelter work for over 40 years I’ve had enough of alleged human scum with no intrinsic value.
    LIR is right. This monster’s next targets will be children and women.

  26. Fur and The Lady in Red already said everything that I could’ve.
    God gives us animals to take care of them, for food or companionship, that part differs depending on the beast, but to torture and rape them? This guy got off easy, I hope that he never gets out. [i.e. some prison justice]

  27. To all commenters who think this guy got a raw deal:
    What if it was YOUR cat? Or dog?
    Or daughter?

    I don’t want this sick f*ck running around loose.

  28. This is a damn shame. Peta/other animal activist groups have been pleading with authorities for years to make the sentences stiffer for these types of individuals. Yet they have sat on it for years with the same mindset as many……it’s just a cat/dog/pig/goat, etc. Life is life no matter what form it comes in. The priorities that need to be straightened out are humans learning this valuable lesson. Once a person/pet/child is gone, that is it. No one has a right to take away any life. We were put here to protect, feed and shelter the animals. For years many of us have let our pets run loose, which in turn caused them to get into altercations with other animals, get hit by cars, get stolen, get shot, and other incidences which lead to fatalities…..many of us have let our animals run loose unprotected which in turn has garnered tons of animals no one wants. Many today don’t even have sense enough to take their pets to shelters, but dump them on the side of the road in the hopes that a kind soul will pick them up and take care of them. Life is not always that easy for anyone. Some of us live right across the street or down the street from shelters and have left their pets behind in homes with very little food and water while they moved away to other states. Our priorties of what love is need to be corrected. If you love and value your pet, you don’t do these things. Now mental illness and drug abuse are at an all time high. People are using these poor animals for beastiality purposes. This has become one sick society. These stories have been way out of hand and are progressively getting worse by the day. 16 years is the longest I’ve ever heard for an animal abuse case, but it’s a start. I do agree someone like that can only become a further danger. Goodness only knows what else he might have done. I feel sorry for people like that. They need help It is true, they start out on the animals, and then on to small children, then on to women and in some cases men who can’t fight back. Maybe the authorities will start to re-open the much needed facilities to care for those that are severely mentally ill and continue to do these heinous acts.


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