Catcher’s Awry

The Toronto Blue Jays moved on to face the Kansas City Royals in the American League Championship Series after overcoming a bizarre error made by Catcher Russell Martin in the 7th inning of game five of the AL Championship Series.


Martin was making a routine throw back to pitcher Aaron Sanchez when the ball clipped the bat of Texas Ranger batter Shin Soo-Choo and went off into foul territory. Runner Rougned Odor came home for an easy run.

Blue Jay fans nearly rioted, throwing bottles and debris on the field in protest of the umpire ruling that the ball was live after the umpire called time out.


The Blue Jays won anyway off a Jose Bautista home run in the same inning.  Bautista gave what is being called a “bat flip for the ages” after hitting the three run blast.


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  1. Well, at least the viewing public and the fans at the stadium got to see a seldom (never in my memory) use of an obscure rule that actually has its’ place. Part of the problem was the Umps knew they were right but called a time out for someone to check the rule book and that allowed the fan frenzy to build up even more. There was a bit of garbage tossed on the field and one fan booted for getting beer spray on a baby but other then that it was a spectacular game. Whatever happens from now on you can use the 2015 Jays as an example of the good that can happen if you build the right team and never, ever give up.

  2. The Toronto fans were in frenzy because they thought Shin-Soo Choo shoulda got 2 minutes in the box for high sticking on Martin’s throw. They only calmed down when Bautista put the ball in the left field net for a three goal hat trick.


  3. Soooo … how was the catcher’s awry? Did he need medical assistance? Will this turn him gay? Or Trans-Gerbil?

    So many questions …

  4. no thanks….I’ll be rooting against the team that ‘styles & profiles’ on EVERY home run they hit, thinking they’re God’s Gift (can’t stand Bautista Mr. Attitude: worse than David Ortiz) & their crass, ill-mannered fans….they made me a National League fan after last night….

    Go Mets! ….. or Cubs

  5. Texas must have been rattled by the delay and crap flying from the stands. They had three straight errors giving the Blue Jays a chance to win. Worst 53 minute inning of baseball I have ever seen. Hockey Horn for runs scored? For a moment I thought I was watching the Leafs. Oh Canada …

  6. Hmm, Texas had the second worst record in the majors for ball handling and sooner or later the pressure of blowing a two to nothing lead in the best of five got to them not a tiny bit of crap from the stands. The Jays never quit, Texas did.

  7. Okay … Jays never quit … Texas not rattled they stink at catching the ball. I have no team loyalties here, I do feel it was a bad inning to watch due to the errors and the goings on in general. Hope your Jays go all the way.

    Love the horn for scores, Go Flyers!

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