A New Addition To Our Pet Portrait Gallery

February 14, 2016 BFH 18

This captures the moment JC Lady’s grandson Justin fell asleep in the playpen and Thomas the cat climbed in for a nap. When we take a pause from the harsh realities of our tense political atmosphere we see moments of purity that cannot be taken [Read More]

Another Pet Patriot Enters Our Gallery

January 30, 2016 BFH 7

This is Dougy. Dougy’s happily playing in heaven, somewhere just over the Rainbow Bridge. Dougy will be reunited with everyone one day. Until then he will be honored, staking out a place of prominence in his former home. I’m humbled to have been entrusted to paint this portrait [Read More]

Newest Pet Portrait

December 2, 2015 BFH 8

This is Lacy. The Pet Portrait Gallery has been updated and has a much better interface. Now you can comment on individual portraits.

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