White Lives Don’t Matter

May 27, 2018 BFH 8

There won’t be one SJW, who is supposedly protesting police shootings and brutality, that will take a knee for this unarmed white man who was shot dead by a police [Read More]

No Words For This One

May 27, 2018 BFH 22

Maybe she was showing everyone how she paid for college? Or maybe this was her major in college? Or maybe they should up the standards for higher education?

Bill Kristol barks at the moon

May 27, 2018 MJA 20

American Thinker: Some #NeverTrumps won’t quit.  Indeed, so chained are they to their hurt pride and delusions that they can’t.  Foremost among them is Bill Kristol, former editor of the Weekly Standard.  Speaking [Read More]

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