Vegan rolls around in crap to protest Trader Joe’s

March 23, 2018 MJA 12

KFI: Triggered Vegan Poop Protest at Trader Joe’s. A UC Berkeley student partnered with the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere rolled around in animal feces Thursday morning protesting a San Francisco Trader Joe’s. Cassie King’s demonstration was over conditions at farms that supply eggs to Trader [Read More]

California: Anti-Sanctuary city fire is spreading

March 23, 2018 MJA 6

Let’s fan those flames, people! KFI: Just days after Los Alamitos made major news by voting to opt out of California’s Sanctuary City Laws, two Orange County supervisors plan to follow in their footsteps and take it even further by filing a lawsuit against the [Read More]

Dork & Binge-y

March 23, 2018 MJA 14

Two great mugshots taken of two not so great human beings: FBI Looking for a Murderous Dork. Meet Sean Frederick Weatherhead. He is suspected of making threats against law enforcement. Weatherford is covered in tattoos but the most prominent one is across his neck reading [Read More]

Guess the Reader

March 23, 2018 BFH 35

Our last reader was…. Moxie Man! Our next patriot reader is… Hint: She’s in Black and White.

King MacHamletello

March 23, 2018 Dr. Tar 5

  Imagine taking all the villains from Shakespeare’s four great tragedies (Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, and Macbeth) and putting them all on the stage together. Set them to work on a plot to save one of their own while conspiring to take down a conquering outsider and [Read More]

Bank Of America Sponsors Anti-Gun Panel

March 23, 2018 MJA 15

DC: Bank of America further solidified its corporate position in favor of gun control after sponsoring an anti-gun discussion hosted by Axios on Friday. Axios co-founder Mike Allen facilitated the talk between activist and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student David Hogg and Democratic Sen. [Read More]

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