The Daily News is Right

December 3, 2015 BFH 19

God isn’t going to fix this – “this” being Islam. Mortals have to fix “this.” I’ll let the Daily News tell us how to fix “this” without guns, because if we were all left [Read More]

Geraldo: ‘2nd Amendment Is Stupid’

December 3, 2015 MJA 24

BigJournalism: Following the news of the heinous attack on Inland Regional Services complex in San Bernardino, California, Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera tweeted that the “2nd Amendment is stupid” and asked Americans [Read More]

Too Many Farooks Spoil the Broth

December 3, 2015 BFH 31

Why has there been so much confusion and conflicting pictures of the suspects in the San Bernardino terrorist shooting? Because the Farook family decided to name two brothers Syed. And they [Read More]

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