Downsizing Grief

June 7, 2016 MJA 18

The popular culture expects us all to toss grief around like rice at a wedding every time someone famous dies. But grief is not a small thing. What makes grief such a [Read More]

Tough Game on Social Media

June 7, 2016 BFH 18

illustr8r found this game on social media. It’s pretty tough, I guess. It’s called  “raw chicken or donald trump.” But I managed to find one much, much tougher. Click into [Read More]

Blinky endorses Hillary

June 7, 2016 MJA 12

MSN/RCP: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi endorsed Hillary Clinton on the morning of the California primary, just hours after Clinton secured enough delegates to become the presumptive Democratic nominee for [Read More]

Too Big To Trail

June 7, 2016 BFH 18

The State Department Under Obama’s Administration Says It Will Take 75 Years To Fulfill A FOIA Request Of Clinton State Aides’ Emails. Wash Exam- “That is an incredible number,” State [Read More]

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