In The Red

November 12, 2015 MJA 9

The red Starbucks cup, stripped of its Christmas decor, fits Bernie Sanders’ taste perfectly. [See it bigger @ Comically Incorrect.] SNIP: For Illustr8r 🙂

Power of the Pen

November 12, 2015 Dr. Tar 2

Rayma Suprani lost her job at El Universal in Venezuela after drawing an image  of Hugo Chavez’s signature flat lining, to symbolize the state of health care in her nation.   [Read More]

Peanutbuzzer Sandwiches

November 12, 2015 MJA 11

Despite peanut butter already being so popular that it is in 94 percent of American households, Steem Peanut Butter intends to take the iconic staple even more popular by adding [Read More]


November 12, 2015 BFH 61

A reader, Sam S., sent a tip for a story about Wildlife Management, saying it was one of his favorite oxymorons. He added a few more: Act Naturally, Constant Change. It got [Read More]

The Gropey Joe Initiative

November 12, 2015 MJA 8

PatriotRetort– I about fell out of my chair this morning when I brought up the local ABC-affiliate website only to discover Syracuse University alumnus Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. was in [Read More]

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