Pope Bernie

September 23, 2015 BFH 8

The Progressive’s Pope ABC News Compares the Words of BERNIE SANDERS TO POPE FRANCIS Nah, there’s no bias in the media.

Panty-bombing ISIS

September 23, 2015 BFH 9

EveryJoe– Anonymous, the hacktivist group that’s been around for over a decade and that became more well known in recent years for exposing the coverup in the Steubenville rape case, [Read More]

Fort Worth Dog Train

September 23, 2015 illustr8r 11

TheDoDo— Man Builds ‘Dog Train’ To Take Rescue Pups on Little Adventures Eugene Bostick may have officially retired about 15 years ago, but in some ways that was when his [Read More]

Break Like the Wind

September 23, 2015 BFH 32

Standard – A cousin of US President Barack Obama is demanding £400,000 from the Met police after claiming colleagues deliberately broke wind beside her desk to make her life a [Read More]

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