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Catholic School Flying Its Freak Flags Is Cast Out

Washington Times

The Diocese of Worcester has told a local middle school that it can no longer identify itself as a Catholic school because it disobeyed the bishop’s order to take down its Black Lives Matter and Pride flags.

The Boston Globe reports that Worcester Bishop Robert McManus told the Nativity School of Worcester in a letter this week that flying these flags in front of a Catholic school “sends a mixed, confusing and scandalous message to the public” about the church’s stance on important moral and social issues. More

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  1. I don’t believe them when they say the students requested the flags.
    Parents maybe. Most likely commie teachers.

  2. Zero courage was exhibited by all involved here; zero for the bishop who allowed the affiliated school to fly these flags for a year without pushback and zero for the school that is letting young kids dictate policy.

    “they fly in support of marginalized people.”

    The only marginalized in this shameful display are those religious folk that expects a religious school to follow religious principles.

  3. These deviants took the beautiful symbol of God’s promise not to flood the earth again and adopted it to fly two middle fingers at God, choosing to live a lifestyle decreed to be an abomination. I don’t envy them when they try to explain their actions before the Judgement Throne.

  4. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    You just KNOW that this will inflame the Trans/faggots/LGBTABCXYZ+/BLM into attacking the Bishop/Church/school.
    And then I hope to see all the Boston Southies (Irish & Italians) tear all those pervs a “new one”.
    That would be a righteous smiting indeed.

  5. Sad thing is, too many churches have “loved the sinner”, but allowed them to keep living in their sin.
    How many churches have been lax in telling the whole gospel, that yes, Jesus died for you, but if you refuse to repent, you have already damned yourself.
    You don’t have to cherry pick the “Judge not, least you be judged”..I don’t have to judge you. You’ve already judged yourself.

  6. How long before Red Francis has the local Bishop replaced and recalled to Rome for re-education?

  7. Interesting. I can’t remember if it was last year or the year before one of the Baptist churches put a message out for pride month. Something like, the rainbow is a promise from God. The nutters in the alphabet army protested, claiming it is their symbol. The church took down their message, they’ve not put up a message since. It’s good to see someone fighting back.

  8. The Catholics have some wealthy parishioners who don’t go along with their gayness. Maybe they told the Bishop no more money for the church unless the flag comes down. From experience, money talks in a church.

  9. “Nativity can appeal the bishop’s decision through the Jesuits who oversee the school. “

    Oh great, they will undoubtedly reverse the Bishop’s decision, so the travesty can resume unabated, and the weak-kneed bishop can wash his hands of the whole mess, and say “well, I tried…”

  10. @Tony R: “Jesuit” is merely a synonym for “apostate.” This is not to imply they are godless or atheist; they serve their master, the lord of the world. The Jesuits are the Bolshevik/Fascist arm of the RCC.

    Expect them to double down in defiance of the bishop; nothing will be done by TPTB to punish them.

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