Catholic Schools Begin Shutting Down For Good Due To Corona Virus Financial Strain

Archdiocese of New York closes 20 Catholic schools due to coronavirus pandemic


Twenty Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of New York, including seven in the Lower Hudson Valley, will not reopen due to the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the archdiocese said today. 

Come the fall, three Catholic schools will merge into one, and 20 others will close down for good. These closures will impact approximately 2,500 students and 350 staff members, the archdiocese said in a statement. 

Schools experienced a significantly lower rate of registration for the fall, according to the statement. Without public Masses and fundraising for scholarships, the archdiocese has seen a loss of parish contributions, which help support schools. 

“Children are always the most innocent victims of any crisis, and this COVID-19 pandemic is no exception,” said Timothy Cardinal Dolan, the Archbishop of New York. “Too many have lost parents and grandparents to this insidious virus, and now thousands will not see their beloved school again.” 


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  1. Some good comes out of Covid 19, children will actually benefit by not being propagandized every day of the week by The Wholly Roman Church,

  2. Along with what JustAl said, I also think that this was part of the goal off what this whole thing was about.

  3. My mom did 12 years at Girls Latin in Boston.
    Say what you will,she was taught discipline,
    strong understanding of math,english and history.
    She went on to Northeastern U. and came out with
    BS in chemical engineering.I have known atheists
    who sent their kids to Catholic schools because
    they were far superior to public crap schools.

  4. I went to Catholic school for 4 years (I’m not Catholic) religion based and Charter schools are so much better, based on what I saw when I had to transfer to a public school.

    As for NYC, I bet de Blasio is hoping all the Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Jewish schools shut down for good before he opens the city back up.
    Although, I hear tales the NY AG is thinking about shutting de blasio down as well. But- I don’t know.

  5. Churches, Catholic, Protestant or otherwise, along with religious schools have been targeted for elimination.

    Unlike gay bars and marijuana shops, they are deemed unnecessary and unwanted for the overall social good in today’s coronapanic environment.

    Soon to be forgotten, a relic of the past remembered by only a few old people who can’t quite recall what they used to be for.

  6. I spent my first three school years in catholic schools. The nuns won’t give you the option not to learn! I didn’t experience anything similar until I arrived in Marine boot camp.

  7. There’s an old nuns’ home in our county and they are starting to show COVID-19 cases. Affiliated nuns of that institution often write op-eds and participate in demonstrations like “women’s march,” etc. and are actually pro-“choice” (killing) even though Catholic. They are also pro-immigration and anti-POTUS and I cannot stand them! They reaped

  8. Back in the 50’s and 60’s, Catholic schools were all about curriculum and children working “to their potential.” After five years of Catholic grade school, I was a year ahead when I switched to public schools in the 6th grade.

    If it’s still like that today, it’s a sad story for New York.

  9. looks like someone figured out the best way to destroy a country without going to war while leaving behind the goodies.

    Works good on religious institutions as well.

  10. Part of the plan to remove all religion except leftism, greenism, transgenderism, etc.

    The buggery and Commie Pope certainly did nothing to help either.

    I’m a Catholic & I can’t stand their behavior and capitulation to the religion of bombs & suicide vests.

  11. The nuns taught my mother to speak English (she said they beat it into her!). She went home and taught her parents to speak English. Grateful.

  12. What Just Al said. The catholic church is the largest land owner on the planet. Sell a few properties and take care of the kids.

  13. Looks like at least part of the lefts shutdown plan is performing as hoped for. They’re just hoping that the church’s will follow because of the lost revenue.

  14. One of De Blasio’s aids tells him about Erdogan flipping the Hagia Sophia to a mosque (and with any luck, conscripting Atatürk to the dustbin). Wheels in De Blasio’s head start spinning.

  15. Ten of the schools on that chopping block list are within driving distance and one is walkable…not good.

  16. Plus Catholic Services isn’t getting government funds whith no ‘immigrants’ coming over the border – a substantial sum, I hear…

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