Cathy Dodson – From Welfare to Fairly Well – Speaks Out Against White #BLM Using Blacks

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  1. Get to know the residents down the street street who live in the house with the BLM sign out front:

    Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism – Arthur C Brooks

    We all know we should give to charity, but who really does? In his controversial study of America’s giving habits, Arthur C. Brooks shatters stereotypes about charity in America-including the myth that the political Left is more compassionate than the Right. Brooks, a preeminent public policy expert, spent years researching giving trends in America, and even he was surprised by what he found. In Who Really Cares, he identifies the forces behind American charity: strong families, church attendance, earning one’s own income (as opposed to receiving welfare), and the belief that individuals-not government-offer the best solution to social ills. But beyond just showing us who the givers and non-givers in America really are today, Brooks shows that giving is crucial to our economic prosperity, as well as to our happiness, health, and our ability to govern ourselves as a free people.

    Everything footnoted and documented. The “progressives” are the parsimonious, the most unlikely to volunteer, in a nut shell they are contemptible lying opportunistic, ungrateful, SUBHUMAN PIECES IF SHIT. Despicable doesn’t come close, but it is the best we word have in the English language to describe them.

  2. @JDHasty – leftists care so much about the poor and minorities that they want increased government (and taxes) to take care of them. Because they sure don’t want to do the task themselves!
    Many of my most precious moments have been helping someone truly in need. They are missing out!

  3. She’s an excellent example why “systemic racism” in the United States of America is a complete lie and coded identity politics narrative of the left. Very certain Miss Dodson will be voting for President Trump.

  4. She is right about the movement will continue to ask for more things and that anyone that is willing to work and has determination can better there life. Unfortunately at about the 3:20 mark she she’s if BLM matters pay the rent, give them groceries, pay their electric bill……. Just more give them freebies.

  5. @Left Coast Dan — The acts of giving of our personal resources, including the sweat of of labor (money), time and attentive caring is the outward sign of a very healthy adult developmental stage called generativity. Although the psychologist Erik Erikson identified the idea of generativity versus stagnation (in psycho-social development), it was there before he coined the term. It’s defined as “a concern for establishing and guiding the next generation”, but I think it is more correctly defined as a giving heart of the kind described in the Bible; my cup runneth over. And there’s that pesky tie to Christianity, again, right?

    The Peter Pans and the Wendys, who never want to grow up and take responsibility for themselves, let alone anyone else, seem to naturally gravitate toward Nanny State (communists). They are perpetual children — and it’s sickening to see this behavior in anyone over 25 — who is consumed with the fear that they won’t get their “fair share.”

  6. @Woody –I took her to mean specifically the young, educated, BLM crowd with all their advantages, using their energy in ways that actually benefit someone. Haven’t we all thought or said that. These idiots don’t know the working end of a tool and are proud of that. But can you imagine how much good could be accomplished by tens of thousands of (mostly) young people if they were out helping others instead of destroying our property?


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